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Are you prepared to embark on an extraordinary academic adventure? That's where a profile evaluation comes in. It's more than just a formality – your roadmap to success.

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  • Meet Our Expert Counselors: Introducing our team of skilled Counselors and Senior Counselors dedicated to offering you invaluable insights for selecting the perfect universities.
  • Freedom to Choose: Enjoy choosing institutions aligned with your aspirations and interests. No pressure to opt exclusively for partner universities. Your education, your choice.
  • Service Excellence: Our service-oriented approach to profile evaluation ensures an end-to-end process that leads to effective results.
  • In-Depth US Knowledge: Benefit from our localized knowledge for selecting universities offering post-education opportunities in the US.
  • Holistic Approach: With a strong focus on service excellence, we are part of your journey – from admission to visa processing and beyond.
  • Comprehensive Recommendations: We extend our commitment to excellence by focusing on partner institutions and identifying top non-partner schools that match our students' profiles perfectly.
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Why get your profile evaluated by Nomad Credit?

Building Your Foundation

Select the right program/course that aligns with your goals.

Ensure core courses resonate with your study area for a fulfilling education.

Securing Your Future

Assess universities' track records in student placements.

Consider industry trends and location-specific opportunities.

Paving Your Path

Consider program-specific university rankings for insights.

Rankings offer insights into future opportunities and returns on investment.

Navigating Admissions

Research acceptance rates to gauge your chances.

Opt for universities aligning with your profile's strengths.

A Path to Affordability

Explore financial aid options and scholarships.

Assistantships and deserving student grants are readily available.

Crafting Your Experience

Research location factors for safety and career potential.

Choose a location with weather suited to your preferences.

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Our World-Class Admissions Experts Have Connections With The Top U.S. University Admissions Teams

Poonam Dhingreja
(Team Lead Counselor)

A seasoned Global Admissions Counselor with 14+ years of service industry experience, Poonam has guided over 3500 students to their dream universities and secured 100% success visas. By providing personalized guidance and nurtu...ring each student's potential, Poonam ensures that their profiles are maximized for growth and success in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

Meghna Chhabra
(Team Lead Counselor)

Meghna leads our team of dedicated Admissions Counselors, Application Coordinators, and Admissions Assistants who assist students with the entire study abroad journey right from profile evaluation to... pre-departure orientation.  With expertise in counseling and learning & development, Meghna brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for empowering students to reach their long-term goals.

Dharmesh Joshi
(Admissions Manager)

Dharmesh has successfully guided more than 1200 students towards achieving their career goals in international education. Specializing in US universities, Dharmesh excels at assisting students in sel...ecting institutions that align with their aspirations, providing unwavering support throughout the admissions process and ensuring a smooth student visa procurement. Dharmesh takes immense pride in empowering students to make informed choices and seize the unparalleled opportunity to study abroad.

Sulekha Uniyal
(Senior Counselor)

Sulekha has dedicated herself to guiding and supporting students on their path to higher education. With a special focus on Europe (particularly Germany) and the United States, Sulekha accompanies stud...ents through each step of the application process, addressing concerns and uncertainties, from document preparation to standardized tests, scholarships, and visa procedures.

Poornima Tayagi
(Head of India)

Poornima is a business management graduate with 15+ years of banking experience. She has rich working experience with global brands like CitiFinancial and HSBC. And she has helped build an education loan port...folio of $320M to help international students finance their study abroad journeys.

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