Nomad Credit: Our Process

At Nomad Credit, we believe everyone should have access to a high-quality education regardless of financial hardships. As education prices are constantly on the rise, the thought of paying a ton of money for your education can be a tough pill to swallow. Education is expensive enough as it is if you’re going to school within your home country, but the prices of going abroad for schooling are exponentially higher. In order to make education more affordable for students worldwide, Nomad Credit is proud to have partnered with many providers of student loans for international students. If you think you or another international student you know could benefit from our services, simply follow our easy-to-follow process to get started.

Create an Account

Use our website to create an account for yourself. Registering on our website will not take a lot of time and it’s free! This simple step of signing up with us will get you one step closer to accessing student loans options for international students.

Create Your One-Page Profile

After establishing your account on our website, you’ll need to fill out a one-page search profile so that we can match your needs with the best-fitting lenders. If you are unable to find a cosigner for your international student loans, don’t panic. While having a creditworthy U.S. cosigner will help maximize your international student loans options, not having a cosigner doesn’t mean there are no loan options for you. It may also be beneficial to find a cosigner from your home country if you can’t find a U.S. cosigner.


As soon as we begin finding student loans options that may fit your needs, we will alert you of them via your Nomad Credit profile. We base your matches on financial needs, citizenship and ability to attain a cosigner for your loans.

Get Support

Finding student loans for international students can be tricky and tedious, but we do our best to make the process simple and straightforward. Feel free to ask us any questions that arise along the way. From filling out your profile to picking the best credit lender for your needs, our professionals are dedicated to providing student loans options for international students. Education itself is stressful enough, so finding the right financial means for schooling shouldn’t be another frustration. Simply create an account on our website to get started! We can’t wait to help you with your student loans needs.

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