Part-time Jobs in the US for International Students

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  1. Top features of universities in the USA
  2. Types of universities in the USA
  3. Top universities in the USA
  4. Ivy League schools
  5. Popular universities in the US for International students

Universities in the US are regarded for their excellent academics and job-ready curriculum. Every year, the US visa authorities get lakhs of student visa applications from students who secure admission to US universities for MS, bachelor’s, and other courses. You can also secure admission to your dream university in the US if your application is well-made and preparations are done in a timely manner.

Types of universities in the USA

Universities in the US are categorized into public and private universities.

  • Public universities: Note that all universities do not require a GRE score. Before you apply for the test, make sure your university of choice requires the test scores
  • Public universities: The minimum GRE score varies from university to university. Typically, the minimum GRE score requirement falls between 250 - 320, depending on the university’s choice

Top universities in the USA

The US is home to the world’s best universities where you can enjoy top-notch academic environments and job prospects after your studies.

University in the US QS World University Rankings 2024 University Type
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 Private
Harvard University 4 Private
Stanford University 5 Private
Stanford University US 305+
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) 10 Public
University of Chicago Singapore 11 Private
University of Pennsylvania 12 Private
Cornell University 12 Private
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 15 Private
Yale University 16 Private
Princeton University 17 Private

Ivy League schools

The Ivy League is a group of prestigious 8 private universities in the US known for academic excellence and extensive research activities. Every year the universities in this group occupy the top rankings in world university rankings by the QS, Times Higher Education, US News & World Report, etc

The following are the members of the Ivy League:

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University
  • Dartmouth University

Popular universities in the US for International students

Apart from the top 10 universities and the Ivy League universities, the US houses many universities with an excellent academic reputation. Students from different countries across the world study in these universities for bachelor’s, MS, and other courses. Some of the handpicked popular universities in the US for international students are listed below.

Hofstra University University of Cincinnati
San Jose State University University of Illinois Springfield
University of Alabama Birmingham University of Massachusetts Amherst
Rochester Institute of Technology University of North Texas
St.Louis University New Jersey Institute of Technology
Colorado State University Stevens Institute of Technology
Drexel University George Mason University
Arizona State University Johns Hopkins University

In a nutshell, US universities provide you with best-in-class academics and post-study job opportunities and help you sharpen your skills for different industries. The public and private

universities, including the Ivy League schools, in the US are top in the world with academic reputation and research environments

You can study in a US university with a well-made application and systematic preparation. If you are in the beginning phase and seek help regarding finding the apt university or funding options, it's high time to connect with our experts! We will guide you through the process and offer customized suggestions after analyzing your profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I study in a US university?

First of all, shortlist your university options and apply online with relevant documents. The dates and deadlines will be provided on the university website. To get your shortlisted university options, get in touch with our counselor. in the UK.

Which course is best in America for Indian students?

US universities offer top courses in STEM and non-STEM subjects. You can choose a course according to your choice.

Is the US cheap for international students?

There are cheap and expensive universities for international students in the US. You can choose an affordable option from the list of universities that our counselor will give you after assessing your profile.

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