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Nomad Credit understands that the decision to study abroad is a very big one for you and your family. We hope that hearing from some of our satisfied customers gives you the peace of mind that you need to look no further than Nomad Credit. We look forward to helping you along your study abroad journey.

What International Students are Saying

Shradha Sabherwal
University of Reading, UK | MSc Marketing

My experience with Nomad credit has been absolutely amazing, I cannot thank enough the team and especially my counsellor, who has worked day and night, helping me out, from short listings the universities to helping me with the applications, SOP, visa application and till biometrics appointment and what not she has been there at every step supporting and guiding me.

Getting into my dream university would not have been possible otherwise. I would highly recommend anyone looking to study abroad to get consultation from them since they give each student personal attention and time. They will make this journey much easier for you and give wings to your dreams!

Mahika Maggon
Mahika Maggon
University of Pennsylvania, USA | MBA

My visa counsellor was extremely helpful in my journey to securing an F1 visa. I reached out to her initially when I made an error in my DS-160 and she quickly guided me to resolve the same and assured me it wouldn’t impact my application negatively.

I was well prepared for my interview as she helped me organize the relevant documents and also create a summary of all my assets to ensure the visa officers I have enough funds to study in the US.

She was proactive in her responses to my questions and also conducted 2 mock interviews that helped me go for the interview confidently as I was well prepared for plethora of options. She also helped me fine tuning the answers to keep it precise and ensure I convey the point in the short duration visa officers had. I had a great experience working with Sulekha and am glad that I got my F1 visa in 2 days post my interview!

Rahul Jadhav
University of Arizona, USA | CS

My journey to study abroad started in 9th grade, and it wasn't always smooth. Nomad Credit stepped in and became my partner in every step, from convincing my parents to securing my visa!

Thanks to Nomad Credit and its amazing team member, I went from having no clue to receiving acceptance letters from over 60 universities in the US, along with offers from Ireland, Australia, and Italy! Even with a test-optional profile, I landed a scholarship worth Rs 1.7 Crore ($52,000/year)!

Nomad Credit's expertise was invaluable. From crafting error-free SOPs and recommendation letters to finalizing universities, their meticulous attention to detail made all the difference. They were there for me from the beginning, guiding me through the entire process, even when I had no idea where to start.

Thanks to their support, I'm getting ready to embark on an incredible journey at the University of Arizona, pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Economics. Also, I already have a NASA internship and research fellowships lined up for my first year! Nomad Credit, you made this dream a reality. Thank you for everything!

Riyush Motwani
Riyush Motwani
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign | MIS in US

Hi Nomad Credit and its team, I wanted to take a minute to appreciate all the efforts you have taken right from the beginning to help me reach this point. You have been a great guide and have always shown the spirit to be there for me and extend a helping hand whenever needed.

The efforts with which you carefully assess everything at each step are truly admirable, it's understandably not easy to explain everything in detail but you made sure you repeated yourself for the every point and ingrained it in our mind. Your takeaways were extremely helpful during visa interviews - the most important step in this entire process.

Thanks again, undoubtedly, the students who would be aided by you in the future would be very fortunate.

I wish everyone planning to study abroad with the support of the Nomad Credit Team a safe and enriching experience!

Harnek Singh
Harnek Singh
George Mason University, USA | MS in CS

Dear Nomad Crdit, I am writing to extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and invaluable assistance throughout my master's application process. Your guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of applying, from the initial application stages to the visa approval process.

Your assistance with visa requirements, and the mock visa interview sessions, provided me with the confidence and preparation needed to succeed. Your dedication and willingness to help at every step of the way have made a significant difference, and I am truly grateful for your support.

Thank you so much for always being there to assist and guide me. Your efforts have made a profound impact on my journey, and I am incredibly appreciative of everything you have done.

Ateesh Jain
Ateesh Jain
Steven's Institute Of Technology, USA | Masters in Financial Engineering

Thank you, Nomad Team for guiding me through the whole Consultancy Process. I would like to especially thank to my Counsellor who did an extremely outstanding and tremendous job throughout the whole process, be it advising and filling out my college applications, suggesting Universities and also having multiple VISA mock sessions before my Final Visa Interview.

Above all she was the most patient and persevering even when at times I felt tired and downtrodden, she never gave up hope and believed in my potential to get my application not only accepted in one of the top ranked Universities in America but also get a significant amount of scholarship from them.

Thanks to Nomad and its partnership with this university, even my application fee was waived.

I am happy and grateful to Mannika and her team in Nomad because of whom I will be attending Stevens Institute of Technology this fall in New Jersey, USA.

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