New Zealand Part-time Jobs

Dreaming of studying in New Zealand, but financial concerns pop up? Getting a part-time job might help you resolve them. Doing flexible work while studying can help you manage your expenses better, reducing your reliance on your parents or education loan option.

Overview: Part-time jobs in New Zealand

A part-time job in New Zealand helps you contribute towards your expenses and offers a first-hand experience of the culture. Here are the general facts you must know about part-time jobs in New Zealand:

Time allowed

20 hours a week

Average pay

20 NZD per hour (11 USD)


Have a study visa that allows for part-time work

Agreement or independent contract work

Work on an agreement is allowed, not as independent contractors

Full-time work on scheduled holidays

Allowed only for students enrolled on a program with 120 or more credits

Why take up part-time jobs in New Zealand?

Get a financial support

Part-time work helps students cover living expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and other necessities. This can reduce reliance on savings or family support and contribute to a more comfortable lifestyle while studying in New Zealand.

Have work experience

Part-time jobs offer valuable work experience and skill development, enhancing your resume and future career prospects. Employers value candidates with practical skills gained from real-world work experiences, regardless of the industry.

Explore networking opportunities

Working part-time allows you to expand your professional network by interacting with colleagues, supervisors, and customers. Networking can lead to future job opportunities, internships, or mentorship connections in New Zealand or even internationally.

Improve your communication skills

Working in an English-speaking environment can enhance your language proficiency and communication skills. Practicing English in real-life situations at work can significantly accelerate your language learning progress and boost your confidence in using the language.

Pave the way for permanent residency

For some international students, part-time work experience in New Zealand can be a stepping stone towards obtaining permanent residency or securing skilled employment visas after graduation. Gaining local work experience may enhance your eligibility for immigration pathways.

Experience cultural integration

Engaging in part-time work provides opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with natives, and gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s society and workplace dynamics. This cultural integration can enrich your overall study-abroad experience and help you feel more connected to the community.

Top part-time jobs in New Zealand

International students can explore part-time job opportunities in various fields in New Zealand. Some of the popular part-time jobs in New Zealand are given below.

  • Academic tutor
  • On-campus jobs – library assistant, assignment writer, on-campus consultant, etc.
  • Retail sales assistant
  • Sales worker
  • Call center worker
  • Office clerk
  • Supermarket assistant

Tax Rules for Part-Time Work in New Zealand for International Students

If your annual income falls below NZ$14,000 (Rs.7.24 lakhs), you’ll be subject to a 10.5% tax rate. It’s compulsory for all employed individuals to obtain an IRD number from the Inland Revenue, New Zealand’s tax authority.

How to search for part-time jobs in New Zealand?

  • Job platforms: Explore online platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Student Job Search (SJS), Trade Me Jobs, and Seek to find suitable part-time job openings for you.
  • Contact university support centers: Every university has a job-support center to help students find part-time job options. Visit these centers or check their online resources for job listings, workshops, and networking events.
  • Network: Expand your personal and professional networks to inquire about part-time job openings. Let friends, family, classmates, professors, and acquaintances know that you’re actively seeking employment. Networking can often lead to hidden job opportunities and referrals.
  • Attend job fairs and events: Search extensively for job fairs, recruitment events, and career expos happening in your area or on your university campus. These are your opportunities to meet potential employers, submit resumes, and learn about available part-time positions.
  • Enquire about local businesses: Explore local businesses, cafes, restaurants, retail stores, and other establishments in your area for part-time job vacancies. Some businesses may not advertise job openings online and prefer to hire candidates who show initiative by applying in person.


Getting a part-time job in New Zealand helps you manage your expenses better. You can explore opportunities online and offline with the help of popular job-seeking platforms, events, and a local search. Remember to keep up with the rules and regulations for a smooth experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions Section

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students get part-time jobs in New Zealand?

Yes. If your study visa allows for it, you can work part-time in New Zealand up to 20 hours a week.

What is New Zealand’s pay rate per hour?

Typically, part-time jobs are paid 20 NZD (11 USD) per hour. However, it depends on your job role and city to determine the exact wage.

How much is the salary in New Zealand for part-time jobs?

The payment for part-time jobs in New Zealand is calculated based on hours worked. Considering 20 hours of work a week and 20 NZD per hour, the average salary for a part-time job in New Zealand can be up to 1,600 NZD (954 USD).

What is the minimum wage per hour in New Zealand?

The minimum wage per hour in New Zealand can vary depending on the job role and city. Generally, it could be 18.5 NZD (11 USD) for beginners and trainees and 23 NZD (13 USD) for full-time workers.

Can I do more than one job part-time in New Zealand?

There are no rules preventing a person from doing multiple jobs in New Zealand. Students can do more than one job, but it should not exceed the limit of 20 hours a week.

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