Part time jobs in Australia for international students

International students searching for part-time work can anticipate plenty of opportunities in Australia. Balancing work and academic responsibilities can be difficult, but the advantages are numerous. Part-time work not only provides financial support, but it also gives students valuable experience, allowing them to develop skills and integrate into Australian culture. In this blog, we will look at the various part-time jobs that are available, the legal aspects of employment as a student from another country, and how to find the right job to add to your studies and enhance your stay in Australia.

Eligibility criteria for part time jobs in Australia for students

Valid Australian Student Visa:

Possession of a valid Australian student visa is a prerequisite for international students seeking part-time employment.

Enrollment in an Approved Full-Time Study Program:

Students should be enrolled in a full-time examine application accepted by the Australian Government to qualify for part-time job.

Adherence to University Requirements:

Students must meet the minimum attendance and academic criteria set by their respective universities.

International Student Health Insurance:

It is mandatory for students to obtain international student health insurance as part of the eligibility criteria for part-time jobs.

Rules for Part-Time Jobs in Australia

  • Effective July 1, 2016, changes to Australian scholar visa rules apply.
  • Visa subclass 500 holders can work forty hours weekly at some stage in the course and limitless hours during br>Work cannot commence before the course officially starts.
  • Students have flexibility in dispensing their work hours, which includes 10 hours one week and 30 hours the next.
  • It’s vital for college students to manage their hours to avoid breaching the 40-hour fortnightly restriction.
  • For instance, if a scholar works 30 hours a week, they must restrict work to 10 hours the next week to comply with visa guidelines.

Average part time job salary in Australia

The normal part-time revenue in Australia is $67,519 yearly or $34.63 hourly. Beginners would possibly earn a starting income of $55,376 every year, whilst seasoned experts can earn up to $119,806 yearly.

List of Highest paying part time jobs in Australia for international students:

Academic Tutor Opportunity

If you have a passion for understanding, revel in discussing numerous topics, and dream of supporting others’ education, tutoring could be an excellent position for you. Tutoring includes enticing college students on difficult subjects, identifying their learning desires, and imparting tailored training. Compensation: $20 to $30 per hour


If you have got enjoy with siblings and enjoy caring for children, babysitting may be a satisfying job. Typically, duties include feeding, bathing, and putting youngsters down for naps. In some times, you may additionally be tasked with organizing activities, assisting with homework. Compensation: $15 to $20 per hour

Delivery person

If you enjoy driving, consider working as a delivery person. Whether on a motorcycle or in a car, drive safely to ensure the package’s integrity. Compensation: $18 to $25 per hour

Jobs in restaurants & Cafes

The hospitality industry is an wonderful choice for Indian college students searching for employment, as those jobs call for no greater schooling and are in excessive call for, providing college students with a great incomes possibility. Compensation: $20 and $25 per hour


Explore the role of a cleaner, a surprisingly lucrative part-time job in Australia. This position offers competitive pay, flexible working hours, and does not demand fluency in English. Compensation: $20 to $25 per hour


Consider working as a cashier, where there is a constant demand for individuals proficient in handling daily business cash transactions. These roles are accessible to students with a basic understanding of computer operations. Compensation:$ 20 to $ 30 per hour

How to find part time jobs in Australia?

When applying to Australian institutions for studies, international students have the opportunity to explore part-time or full-time employment through various channels:

    Seeking recommendations from friends or colleagues
  • Exploring online job posting websites
  • Checking university or college websites and job posting boards
  • Engaging with professional recruitment agencies
  • Connecting with the institution’s alumni groups

Students with expertise in fields like writing or design can explore freelance opportunities on online job boards.

Frequently Asked Questions Section

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for part-time jobs through your platform?

Applying for part-time jobs is easy! Simply browse our open positions, submit your application, attend interviews, and secure your part-time position.

Are there opportunities for career growth in these part-time positions?

Many of our part-time positions offer opportunities for career growth, allowing international students to gain valuable experience in their chosen fields.

Can we do part time job while studying in Australia?

Yes, global college students studying in Australia are usually allowed to paintings component-time for the duration of their studies. The Australian authorities lets in college students on a scholar visa (subclass 500) to paintings as much as forty hours in line with fortnight (weeks) for the duration of the educational consultation and limitless hours at some point of scheduled direction breaks.

Are international students required to pay taxes in Australia?

Yes, international students are obligated to pay taxes in Australia if their enrolled course duration exceeds six months.

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