Top Scholarships for Indian students in the US

Top Scholarships for Indian students in the US

Table of Contents

  1. Eligibility for a scholarship in the US
  2. Types of scholarships in the US for Indian students
  3. Government-funded scholarships
  4. Non-government funded scholarships
  5. University-funded scholarships in the US
  6. Top undergraduate scholarships in the US
  7. Tips to increase the chances of getting a scholarship in the US
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

According to recent reports, 1.25 lakh visas were allotted to Indian students in 2022 to study in the US, making the US a preferred study-abroad destination for Indian students. Studying in the US is a career booster, but the cost of study can be hectic for a middle-class student, given that the average cost of study in the US is 45,000 USD (INR 37 Lakhs), and the living cost is around 1,500 USD (INR 1 Lakh). 

While the rising cost of study and living in the US pose a challenge, scholarships rescue Indian students to find financial solutions. Read the article to know in-depth about different types of scholarships in the US for Indian students and apply on time.

Eligibility for a scholarship in the US

To win a scholarship in the US, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements specified for that scholarship. In general, the following requirements are applicable to all scholarship options: 

  • Have the minimum academic score required for the scholarship
  • Be a citizen of the countries eligible for the scholarship
  • Submit documents on time in the right format
  • Have standardized test scores, such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, etc.

Types of scholarships in the US for Indian students

If you plan to rely on a scholarship to fund your studies in the US, you can explore the following types of scholarships:

1.       Government-funded scholarships: These are scholarships for international students funded by the US government.

2.      Non-government-funded scholarships: Various trusts and private organizations offer merit/ need-based financial assistance to study in the US.

3.       University-specific scholarships: Many universities in the US offer scholarships for international students based on their academic merit, financial need, and extracurricular involvement.

These scholarships are either merit-based or need-based. Let’s see the details of the scholarships to study in the USA.

Government-funded scholarships

The government-funded scholarships in the US for international students often help meritorious applicants to cover their complete expenses related to their studies. The table below shows the details of some popular government-funded scholarships in the US for international students for MS in the US and other courses.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship ProgramVariable amount15 June 2023
Fulbright FellowshipsVariable amount17 July 2023
National Overseas Scholarship15,400 USD31 March 2024

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program aims to enhance leadership among international students studying in the US universities. The fellowship lasts for 10 months, and those who are interested in taking up a non-degree study in the US can apply for this fellowship.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a citizen of an eligible country, which India is. 
  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Possess a minimum of five years full-time professional experience
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and a record of public service in the community
  • Show proof for English language skills
  • Be less exposed to the US in the past

Know more about the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program.

Fulbright Fellowships

Fulbright Fellowships are designed to provide meritorious Indian students to pursue master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral study opportunities in the US. These fellowships are offered by the United States-India Educational Foundation. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Must have completed the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree from an Indian institution for master’s fellowships, a postgraduate degree for doctoral fellowships, and a Ph.D. for postdoctoral fellowships
  • Possess relevant work or research experience, if the fellowship demands
  • Demonstrated experience in leadership and community service
  • Do not possess another degree from the US
  • Employed students must present the employer’s consent for leave during the fellowship period

Know more about the Fulbright Fellowships.

The National Overseas Scholarship

The National Overseas Scholarship helps low-income students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, denotified nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes, landless agricultural laborers and Traditional Artisans category to pursue master’s or Ph.D courses abroad. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Students must be from the eligible categories. If there are vacancies, other category students will be considered under merit
  • Be a J-1 visa holder
  • The student must have a minimum of 60% marks in the last qualifying exam
  • The student’s family income must be less than INR 8 lakh per annum
  • The maximum age limit is 35 years
  • The university of admission abroad must be one of the top 500 universities in the world according to the latest QS World University Rankings
  • Studies concerning Indian culture, heritage, history, or social studies on India-based research topics are excluded from the scholarship
  • If employed, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the employer is required
  • Selected students must not change their university in the US

Know more about the National Overseas Scholarship.

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Non-government funded scholarships

International students of MS and various other courses in the US can apply for scholarships funded by various organizations for meritorious and financially weaker students. Some of the prominent non-government-funded scholarships for international students include the following:

Aga Khan Foundation ScholarshipVariable amount17 March 2024
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship100,000 USD30 March 2024
AAUW International Fellowship20,000 – 50,000 USD15 November 2023
Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarship24,000 USD19 March 2024
The Next Genius University ScholarshipsVariable amount01 October 2023

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

The Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship Program (ISP) aims to support financially weak students from developing countries to study postgraduate courses abroad. The scholarship is provided for full-time programs and supports distance learning programs or studies in local or regional universities only if the quality of the course is maintained.

Eligibility criteria

  • Have an excellent academic record
  • Demonstrate genuine financial need for the scholarship 
  • Secure admission to a reputed university abroad for master’s or Ph.D. courses
  • Have a strong record of professional experience, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills. 
  • Be under 30 years of age 

Know more about the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship.

Inlaks Scholarship 

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation offers scholarships to Indian students who secure admission to top universities in the US, the UK, and Europe for Masters, Phil, or Ph.D courses. The scholarships are provided based on the student’s academic merit and financial need.

Eligibility criteria

  • Hold first class in the last qualifying exam
  • Students with undergraduate from abroad must be residing in India at least for two years before applying for the scholarship
  • Students with a postgraduate degree from abroad can’t apply for the scholarship
  • Students must be freshly admitted to the university 
  • Proof of admission is mandatory to apply for the scholarship
  • Must possess English proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.) if it is applicable for your course
  • The student must be aged less than 30 years as of 01 January 2023
  • The minimum academic grade requirement is 65% or a CGPA of 6.8 or a GPA of 2.6 for Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Fine Arts, Architecture, and related subjects
  • The minimum academic grade requirement is 70% or CGPA of 7.2 or GPA of 2.8 for Mathematics, Sciences, Environment, and related subjects

Know more about the Inlaks Scholarship.

AAUW International Fellowships

AAUW International Fellowships helps international students who identify themselves as women to pursue full-time graduate, postgraduate, or postdoctoral studies in the US. Students are selected based on their application’s strengths.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be an international student with no intention to stay back in the US after studies
  • Must have an undergraduate degree equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree
  • Should have applied to a US university while applying for the AAUW fellowship
  • Possess academic merit and a commitment to women and girls
  • Previous recipients of the fellowships are ineligible to apply
  • Certificates, associate degrees, and undergraduate degrees are ineligible to be considered for the fellowship
  • A few fellowships are available for study outside the US, in any of the US university branches
  • Distance learning or online programs are not supported by the fellowship

Know more about the AAUW International Fellowships.

The Next Genius University Scholarships

The Next Genius University Scholarships cover the tuition fee for international undergraduate students admitted to select universities in the US. Students are selected based on their academic merit. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Be an Indian or a citizen of Nepal or Bangladesh
  • Apply or get admitted to any of the partner universities of The Next Genius Foundation
  • Maintain an excellent academic record

Know more about the Next Genius University Scholarships.

University-funded scholarships in the US

US universities offer scholarships for international students based on their academic merit, extracurricular activities, and financial needs. If you are planning to study MS in the US or any other courses, see the table below for a handpicked list of US universities with their scholarship details. 

ScholarshipAmountApplication deadline
Cornell University Tata ScholarshipVariable amount01 November 2023
New York University Wagner International Scholarships5,000 USD01 November 2023
Yale University Scholarships50,000 USD01 November 2023
Columbia University Scholarships66,350 USD01 November 2023
University of Minnesota Fellowship15,000 USD15 December 2023
Michigan State University Scholarships25,000 USD01 November 2023
Illinois State University Scholarships5,000 USD01 April 2024
Oregon State University Scholarships25,000 USD15 February 2023
University of Arkansas International Scholarships7,000 USD 31 January 2024

Top undergraduate scholarships in the US for international students 

For undergraduates, the cost of study will be around 5,000 – 50,000 USD, according to various sources. Some of the scholarship options available for undergraduate students can be seen in the following table.

ScholarshipAmountApplication deadline
Yale University Scholarships50,000 USD01 November 2023
Clark Global Scholarship Program15,000 – 25,000 USD15 November 2023
Treasure Scholarship, Boise State University18,200 USD01 March 2024
Berea College Scholarships100% of the expenses15 January 2024
ACI Foundation Scholarship10,000 USD01 November 2023
The Next Genius University ScholarshipsVariable amount01 October 2023

Tips to increase the chances of getting a scholarship in the US

The competition for winning your desired scholarship is tough, depending on the total number of scholarships available and the competition at the time when you apply for the scholarship. Here are some tips to help you enhance your chances of winning a scholarship in the US:

  • Research extensively: There are numerous scholarships for international students in the US than those listed here. You have more chances of securing a scholarship when you explore the maximum scholarship options. You may get in touch with your department or seniors, exhaust the sources on the internet, reach out to independent sponsors, etc. 
  • Maintain academic excellence: If you maintain academic excellence throughout your education journey, your scholarship application will have more weightage. For merit-based scholarships, it is mandatory that you must possess a steady track of academic merit. 
  • Strengthen your application: You can increase your application’s supremacy by providing the right documents, an outstanding essay, and well-articulated reasons to apply for the scholarship. Remember, the US is a country that gives weightage to extracurricular activities where you have shown your leadership skills. You must highlight the extracurricular involvements to build strength and stand out from other applicants. 
  • Apply as early as possible: Most often, the scholarships are limited, and late applications may have fewer chances of winning. Gather your documents and plan your scholarship applications simultaneously with your admission application. 

In short, a well-planned approach will be beneficial to increase your chances of winning a scholarship in the US. Don’t forget to check your eligibility before planning your application. 

But remember that usually scholarships are limited in number compared to the high number of applicants. Since the competition is tough, a limited number of students are fortunate to win a scholarship in the US. The remaining students have to look for other financial options, such as education loans. 

To kickstart your planning, visit the website of the university of your choice and see which scholarships are available for you. For information on scholarships and proper guidance on funding options for your education in the US, get in touch with our experts who will provide you with the best service after analyzing your profile.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a 100℅ scholarship in the US? 

Yes, you can. Research and find out which scholarships are available for your preferred course of study. However, be mindful that such scholarship options are limited and it is extremely difficult to win such scholarships, given the tight competition. 

Which exam is required to apply for scholarships in the US?

You must obtain passing scores in relevant entrance tests like GRE or GMAT and any of the international English tests to apply for scholarships in the US. Popular English proficiency tests include the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, etc. 

How much GPA is required to win a US scholarship?

Typically, you need a minimum of 80% academic scores to be considered for a merit-based scholarship in the US. However, the educational requirement is relaxed for need-based scholarships.

How to apply for a scholarship in the US?

  • Refer to the official scholarship website and mark important dates of application
  • Gather your documents, including school transcripts and a scholarship essay
  • Prepare for the scholarship interview, if there is any

For some scholarships in the US, your application is automatically made at the time of admissions. For others, you need to apply separately on time. Refer to the website of the scholarship you are planning to apply for and get details on how to apply. 

When should I apply for scholarships in the US?

You must start preparing your scholarship application simultaneously with your US university admission application. Make sure you gather all the documents in advance and are informed about the deadlines and other important dates.

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