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TOEFL Exam Fee in India

The TOEFL exam evaluates an individual’s English language proficiency, considering their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. It’s an internationally respected test for gaining admission to universities and obtaining work visas in English-speaking nations. ETS, the Educational Testing Service, conducts TOEFL annually, providing various test dates.

What is the cost of the TOEFL exam in India?

TOEFL cost in India$ 190Around Rs.16900
TOEFL application fee for Late registrationUS$40Around Rs.3000
ReschedulingUS$60Around Rs.5000
Returned paymentUS$30Around Rs.2500
Additional score reports (per institution or agency)US$20 eachAround Rs.1600
Speaking and Writing Section score reviewUS$160Around Rs.13000
Speaking or Writing Section score reviewUS$80Around Rs.6500
Reinstatement of canceled scoresUS$20Around Rs.1600

It’s important to note that the TOEFL test, which includes both TOEFL-IBT and TOEFL-PBT, is open to all individuals.

The TOEFL Exam cost remains fixed at $190 as long as students avoid unnecessary changes in the registration process and make timely payments. Simple precautions like sticking to the initial test date and prompt payment can keep the TOEFL test cost at its base price. Late registration incurs an additional $40 fee, and rescheduling the test costs $60, which can lead to unnecessary expenses.

Additional charges may apply for certain TOEFL services. For example, ordering extra score reports costs $20, and reviewing the speaking and writing sections costs $160. Unlike late fees, these charges are part of the TOEFL Exam cost calculation and do not result from negligence.

Mode of payment:

ETS offers multiple payment methods for TOEFL registration based on the candidate’s choice. Here are the accepted payment options:

  • Register with American Express, China Union Pay, Discover, JCB, VISA, Diners Club, and Mastercard.
  • ETS also welcomes PayPal as a payment method for processing the test registration fee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TOEFL iBT exam fee in (Indian Rupees) INR?

Candidates need to visit the TOEFL login page to create an online profile. They’ll then pay the TOEFL exam fee of ₹16,900 INR (Aprrox.). Test takers who choose online registration can pay in Indian Rupees, based on the day’s exchange rate calculated in the registration system. The quickest and most convenient method is online registration on the ETS website. You can register at your convenience, any day you prefer. Just make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on the identification you’ll bring on test day, ideally your Passport for Indian students. Payment is made with a credit/debit card.

What Documents Are Needed for the TOEFL Test?

To sit for the TOEFL test, you must possess a valid photo ID, such as a passport. A national or military photo ID will suffice if you don’t have a passport. Ensure that the photo ID you use during registration is carried with you on the examination day. This photo ID should be valid both on the day of registration and on the test day. application.

How Much Does the TOEFL at Home Edition Cost?

The TOEFL at-home edition, introduced by ETS, the organization overseeing the TOEFL exam, is designed for test-takers seeking the convenience of taking the test from their homes. This option is available in all regions where TOEFL iBT is administered. The TOEFL home edition is priced at US$190, the same as the TOEFL iBT test.

Are There Scholarships or Fee Waivers for TOEFL Exam Costs?

No, ETS does not offer a fee waiver scheme for Indian students, though such a program is available for US students. However, there are independent organizations that provide scholarships for the TOEFL test.

What’s the Most Challenging Part of TOEFL?

The listening section proves to be the most challenging segment of the TOEFL test, even though the reading section contains the most complex vocabulary.

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