How Does Nomad Credit Work?

We allow you to search for education loans or other financial product options that you need. After you sign in, you’ll fill in a short search for the financial product that you are interested in. Based upon the information that you provide, we will show you the options that you may have from our partners. For more information about Nomad Credit’s platform, watch the video below!

How To Search For Product Options

Need additional help navigating our platform? Not sure how to search for options for an education loan or other financial product? Watch the video below for a short in-depth tutorial that will walk you through the process!

How To Send Money Overseas

Do you need to send money overseas? Nomad Credit is partnered with OFX to help you send money overseas to your friends and family. Watch the video below to see the ways that you can start sending money overseas with OFX!

Still have questions? Please Contact Us, start a chat or reach out to us at and we will respond to you shortly!