Living Expenses in Australia for International Students

Thinking about pursuing your studies in Australia? Make sure your budget aligns with your comfort level for a seamless stay.

Average Living Cost in Australia for International Students

Living in Australia typically incurs monthly expenses ranging from A$1,400 to A$2,500, excluding tuition fees. This covers essentials like food, transportation, utilities, and miscellaneous costs. However, your specific lifestyle will ultimately dictate your monthly spending. Before diving into the details, here’s a summary of the average expenses:

Category Average Cost in AUD
Average Tuition Fees
A$20,000 to A$50,000 per year
A$500 to A$1,500 per week
Local Transport
A$100 to A$150 per month
A$300 to A$600 per month
A$200-A$300 per month

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Accommodation Monthly Living Expenses in Australia for International Students

Accommodation options in Australia vary widely, with many international students opting for private rentals or homestays due to limited on-campus dormitories. Here are average prices for common accommodation choices:

  • Homestay: 450 to 1,200 AUD per month
  • Student halls of residence: 440 to 1,100 AUD per month
  • Renting an apartment: 750 to 1,700 AUD per month
  • Sharing a rented apartment/house: 380 to 850 AUD per month

Food-based Living Expenses in Australia for Indian Students

Moving to Australia with your family brings excitement, yet managing grocery prices can be a concern, especially for those accustomed to Indian prices. Here’s a breakdown of Australian grocery prices to provide you with an idea of what to expect:

Item Average Price (AUD)
Bread (1 loaf)
AUD 2-4
Milk (1 liter)
AUD 3-5
Eggs (dozen)
AUD 5-7
Tomatoes (per kg)
AUD 5-8
Apples (per kg)
AUD 5-8
White Rice (per kg)
AUD 2-4
Canned Tomatoes (400g)
AUD 2-3

How Expensive is it to live in Australia: City-wise Cost of Living in Australia

If you’re considering immigrating to Australia, the choice of city greatly influences your cost of living. Australia’s cities vary in expenses, prompting candidates to inquire about living costs. Here are the top cities with the highest and lowest expenses:

City Expenses in AUD
1,900 AUD/month
1,500 AUD/month
1,300 AUD/month
1,400 AUD/month
1,400 AUD/month

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What is the Minimum Wage in Australia for International Students?

According to Fair Work Commission guidelines, international students working in Australia are entitled to a minimum wage starting at AUD 21.38 per hour. This equates to a fortnightly earning of $855.20 for these students. These rates underscore Australia’s commitment to fair compensation within its labor regulations, acknowledging the contributions of international students to the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions Section

Frequently Asked Questions

What are living expenses in Australia per year?

The cost of living in Australia for a year changes due to factors like place, lifestyle, and the choice of housing (various accommodation options). Normally, international students settle for AUD 20,000 to 30,000 per year for living expenses, covering accommodation, food, transport, and Sundry items.

Is it more expensive to live in Australia than the UK?

The cost of living varies in Australia compared to the UK if the exact city and lifestyle are provided. Overall, the central metropolitan areas in Australia, for instance, Sydney and Melbourne, do have a higher standard of living than many other cities in the UK. On the other hand, variables like foreign currency rates, personal spending habits, and an individual’s own situation can be other important factors that can determine the same.

Which Australian city offers the most affordable living for international students?

Adelaide has got the best reputation as the most affordable city for international students among all other Australian cities. The average cost of living in Adelaide is comparably much less than what one would pay in the prominent Australian mainland cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Are expenses in Australia expensive for Indian students?

Despite Australia’s high costs, studying there remains a more affordable option compared to the UK, USA, and Canada.

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