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The GRE test cost is not fixed. It depends on two primary factors: your location and the type of test you opt for. The GRE has two main categories – the General and the Subject Test

The fee for the General Test can vary significantly based on your region, while the Subject Test fee remains the same worldwide. Moreover, candidates should be aware that if they wish to use additional services, such as score reporting, there will be extra charges associated with that service.

India$270.21(INR 22,500)
Other countries$220

What is the cost of the GRE exam in India?

The GRE cost in India stands at approximately $271. In numerous other nations except China, the examination fee amounts to $220, such as Turkey, Australia, and Nigeria. For China, it’s around $231, Meanwhile, taking the GRE Subject Test in India costs around $174 (INR 14500).

Exam Cancellation Fees

Should a candidate opt to cancel their GRE examination in India, they will be liable for a fee equal to half of the original cost of the GRE exam in India, on the condition that the request for cancellation is made no less than four days before the scheduled test date

t is imperative for candidates to meticulously review the official GRE documentation for comprehensive insights into the terms and conditions, as well as the policies governing refunds.

How much is the GRE exam fee in India for Changing Examination Dates?

Rescheduling the GRE examination incurs a fee of $53.90 for candidates in China, specifically for the general test. For test-takers in other nations, rescheduling the GRE general test will necessitate a payment of $50.

When rescheduling the GRE Subject Test, individuals worldwide will be required to disburse an amount of $50. Furthermore, should candidates wish to modify the location of their test center, whether for the subject or general tests, they must allocate $50 for this purpose

What are the ways to pay the GRE exam fee?

The ETS has initiated accepting examination and preparatory fees in Indian Rupees for registration within India. Payments must be made online after selecting the examination date and center to secure your reservation for the GRE General and Subject Test in India. The subsequent payment methods are permissible for the remittance of examination fees

  • Credit/Debit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, Maestro & Rupay
  • UPI
  • Wallets

GRE Fee Reduction Program

The GRE Fee Reduction Program, initiated by ETS, aims to reduce GRE registration fees by 50%, making it $100 cheaper. Additionally, this program provides complimentary access to study materials.

Breakdown of GRE Test Costs:

  1. Powerprep Plus Online Practice Test 1 ($40)
  2. Powerprep Plus Online Practice Test 2 ($40)
  3. ScoreIt Now Online Writing Practice ($20)

Gre Retake Fee

Despite diligent GRE preparation, the possibility of not achieving your desired score exists. However, you have the opportunity for a GRE retake at an additional cost of $50. This fee is separate from the GRE test fee.

What are the Steps to pay the GRE exam fees?

  1. Begin by creating an ETS account and logging in.
  2. Review the ID requirements page thoroughly to ensure your account setup aligns with them.
  3. Ensure that the name you use for your ETS account precisely matches the name on your identification document for the exam day.
  4. Navigate to the GRE homepage and select “Register/Find Test Centers.”
  5. Choose the GRE General Test option to initiate the GRE fee payment process.
  6. Verify your email address when prompted and proceed.
  7. Confirm your time zone and select your preferred GRE exam slot before paying the GRE fees.
  8. You’ll be given a two-month window to select your preferred GRE exam dates. Choose the specific two-month period and your desired exam date within it.
  9. Select your preferred available time and date for your GRE exam.
  10. Click “Register for this test” to move forward.
  11. After processing your GRE exam registration and fee payment, you will receive a confirmation email from ET

These steps should guide you through paying the GRE exam fees in India.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the GRE exam fees in Indian Rupees?

In India, there are two categories of GRE exam fees: one for the GRE General Test and the other for the GRE Subject Test. The GRE General Test fee is ₹22,550, while the GRE Subject Test fee is ₹14,500

Is the GRE registration fee refundable?

Yes, the GRE registration fee is refundable. If a candidate decides to cancel the test four days before the exam date, they can receive a 50% refund.

How can I cancel my registration for the GRE?

To cancel your GRE registration, you have two options. You can do it online through your ETS account or contact Prometric, the Regional Registration Center (RRC) in India, at 91-124-4147700. If you opt for cancellation via phone, provide your appointment confirmation number to the RRC

How can a candidate select the exam date?

Once you have created an ETS Account, you can choose your exam date from a two-month window. Your selected date becomes confirmed once you’ve paid the GRE exam fees

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