Frequently Asked Questions

  • Nomad Credit has relationships with lending partners that provide credit, insurance, and other financial products to international students and/or visa holders currently or planning to live in the U.S. or elsewhere globally. Our platform is designed to efficiently connect those that need credit, insurance, and other financial products with partners that will provide them.
  • Nomad is continually adding new product categories and partners to meet all your needs. Currently, we can help with university profile evaluation and admission, student loan, personal, refinance, and auto loans, as well as credit cards and international payment options. We can also help you find health (medical), auto, and renters insurance.
  • We don't charge our customers any fees for using our online search platform. We do offer further consultant services that may require a fee.
  • There is no way to know for sure if you are going to be approved by a lender until you fill out an application with that lender. All lenders have different credit and underwriting criteria. However, having a cosigner and/or an acceptable credit score may increase your likelihood of approval.
  • Yes, Nomad Credit's mission is to help those with little or no credit find a loan.
  • Yes, you may search for options if you aren't a U.S. citizen. Nomad Credit is a global platform and was created to help U.S. and non-U.S. citizens find the academic and financial products they need. This includes international students studying or planning to study in the U.S.
  • Yes, you may search for options if you are a U.S. citizen. Nomad Credit wants to help all customers with study abroad goals find financial products when knowledge or access to those products is limited.
  • Yes, we highly encourage it. Information from your previous searches such as name, address, etc. will be auto-filled into your new search to help save you time and effort.
  • All information that was filled out in a previous search will be auto-filled into your new search. Any personal information that has changed since your last search will need to be changed on your new search.
  • For student loan products, lenders often need someone on the loan application to provide 'security' for the loan. That's often someone with an adequate amount of income or collateral. If you do not have income or collateral, having a creditworthy cosigner with either may increase your loan options and reduce the interest rate on your loan.
  • Each lender may have different eligibility requirements, but generally a cosigner can be a parent, relative, spouse, friend or anyone else who is willing to help. They should have an acceptable credit score, income or collateral. They are sometimes required to make your loan payments if you can't.
  • You should enter your individual financial information including income and expenses. For example, if you pay for half of your house, then enter half of the total rent or mortgage payment.
  • You will be notified of any potential options after submitting a search.
  • If there aren't any loan options that fit your profile, we may reach out to help you find a lender not currently on our platform. We are an evolving company, so not all lenders that we know are on our platform yet.
  • Nomad Credit doesn't pull your credit. You're able to submit a search without getting your credit pulled.
  • No. Nomad Credit is an online marketplace. We do not provide loans or other financial products. We are experts at evaluating your profile, goals, and needs and matching those with multiple partners and institutions that can provide the product or service you are looking for.
  • No, not at this time
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