New Zealand Visa for Indians

Land of Kiwis, New Zealand is a global sensation for educational adventures. Students aspiring for education in New Zealand can remain positive as the latest immigration data from the New Zealand Ministry shows a 58% acceptance rate for study visa applications by Indian students.

It shows that you may get a study visa if you are genuinely interested in studying in New Zealand. Make your plans diligently after checking the visa eligibility requirements, documents, education-funding options, and application guidelines.

Why apply for a New Zealand study visa?

A New Zealand study visa is your ticket to global opportunities. It is mandatory to have a study visa to explore your academic adventure in New Zealand. The top reasons why you apply for a New Zealand study visa include the following:

Top-notch academic opportunities: New Zealand is renowned for its excellent education system, with universities consistently ranked among the best in the world. The universities maintain high academic standards and offer a wide range of programs catering to various fields of study.
Safe for international students: According to the latest Global Peace Index rankings, New Zealand is the fourth safest country. The country prioritizes the well-being of its residents and visitors, making it an ideal place for international students to live and study.
Cultural diversity: New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures, with people from various backgrounds living harmoniously. This cultural diversity enriches the academic and social experiences of students, exposing them to different perspectives and ideas.
High-quality lifestyle: New Zealand consistently ranks high in quality of life surveys, offering a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and a clean environment. Students can enjoy a balanced lifestyle while pursuing their academic goals.

Types of study visas in New Zealand

Depending on your course length and intentions, there are different student visas you can apply for in New Zealand.

Visa Type Description
Fee-Paying Student Visa
For students of up to a 4-year course. Part-time work is allowed.
Exchange Student Visa
For students of a recognized exchange program that can be up to 4 years long.
Foreign Government Supported Student Visa
Those students who win a government (New Zealand or foreign) sponsorship can apply for this type of visa.
Pathway Student Visa
For studying up to 3 pathway programs within 5 years.
Post-Study Work Visa
Those who complete their education can apply for this visa to work in New Zealand.
Student and Work Visa
Students and trainees seeking practical work experience in their respective fields, such as dental or medical trainees, can apply for this visa.

New Zealand study visa requirements for Indian students

To get a New Zealand student visa, the following documents are required from international students.

  • Admission letter
  • A Valid Passport
  • English Language Proficiency
  • GMAT or GRE Scores, if required
  • Tuition Fees and Financial Proof
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Health Insurance
  • Passport-size Photographs

Interview: In some cases, you may be required to attend an interview as part of the visa application process. This is to assess your genuine intention to study in New Zealand and your ability to support yourself financially during your stay.

Documents asked from Indian students

  • PAN Card or Aadhar card of the student or education loan cosigner as proof of identity
  • At least 3 – 6 months of financial history (the student or education loan cosigner)

Remember, in education loan options, your loan option must be from a public or private Indian bank taken against the guarantee of a property. You must also substantiate how you intend to repay the loan debt and show a sanction letter.

New Zealand Study Visa: Fees and Processing Time

Understanding the cost structure of a study visa is important to plan your education in New Zealand. After you pay the fees, it might take up to 10 weeks to process your application.

New Zealand Study Visa

Fees 375 NZD (18, 765 INR)
Processing Time 10 weeks
Validity 4 years

How much is required to apply for a New Zealand study visa?

When you apply for a study visa, you need to show proof of funds as demanded by the visa authorities:

NZD $20,000 (INR 10 Lakh) per year if you are studying tertiary, English language, or other non-school study or NZD $1,667 (INR 83,500) per month if your study will be shorter than 1 year or
NZD $17,000 (INR 8.5 Lakh) per year if you are studying primary, intermediate or secondary school (years 1-13 at a school) or NZD $1,417 (7INR 71,000) per month if your study will be shorter than 1 year.
Accommodation costs, which can vary from city to city. It can be 10,000 – 20,000 NZD (INR 5 – 10 Lakh).

New Zealand Study Visa Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a New Zealand student visa?

You can get a New Zealand study visa after securing admission to a recognized study program in the country. Apply 3 months before your course starts to obtain your visa on time

How many IELTS bands are required for a New Zealand study visa?

Generally, an overall IELTS band score of 6.0 is the minimum for admissions in New Zealand

How much money is needed for a New Zealand study visa?

An international student needs to show the average tuition cost of NZD $20,000 (INR 10 Lakh) and living expense of 10,000 – 20,000 NZD (INR 5 – 10 Lakh) when they apply for a study visa.

Can you get a PR in New Zealand after your studies? 

Yes. After completing your studies, you can apply for a post-study work visa and fulfil the criteria of a minimum of 2 years of work experience. 2 years of work experience gives you 10 points, and 10 years of work experience gives you 30 points while considering for a PR.

What could be the reason for the rejection of the New Zealand study visa?

Your New Zealand study visa application can be rejected due to many reasons, such as incomplete or incorrect documentation, insufficient or unacceptable funds, wrong course choice, failure to meet immigration requirements, or concerns about your intention to study in New Zealand. Get guidance in your application to avoid mistakes – join Nomad Credit now at zero cost

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