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  1. Minimum GRE scores for top global universities
  2. GRE scores for US universities
  3. GRE scores for UK universities
  4. GRE scores for universities in Canada
  5. GRE scores for Australian universities

GRE stands for Graduate Records Examinations, and it is a vital entrance requirement for those who wish to study a master's course in STEM and select other subjects abroad. However, there is a discrepancy in the minimum GRE score requirement for universities abroad

Here, you can find the minimum GRE score required to study in universities across top countries to plan your admission and prepare accordingly.

  • Note that all universities do not require a GRE score. Before you apply for the test, make sure your university of choice requires the test scores
  • The minimum GRE score varies from university to university. Typically, the minimum GRE score requirement falls between 250 - 320, depending on the university’s choice
  • Many universities set a minimum score requirement for the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE. In this case, the minimum score is between 150 - 160 for each section for various universities abroad

Minimum GRE scores for top global universities

The table below shows the minimum GRE scores required to study in top universities in the world, as ranked by the QS for 2023 - 2024.

University Location Minimum GRE Scores
Massachusetts Institute of Technology US 320+
University of Cambridge UK 320+
University of Oxford UK 320
Stanford University US 305+
ETH Zurich Switzerland 320
National University of Singapore Singapore 320
University College London UK 311

GRE scores for US universities

In general, a GRE score of 250 - 320 can get you admission to various American colleges and universities. Shown below is a selective list of universities with the minimum GRE score requirement.

US universities Minimum GRE Score Required
Arizona State University 313
Drexel University 319
Colorado State University 305
Stevens Institute of Technology 300+
George Mason University 310

GRE scores for UK universities

All universities and colleges do not mandate GRE scores in the UK. Those that require a GRE test score specify the required scores in each section of the test. The table below gives you a general idea regarding the GRE scores for admission to UK universities

US universities Minimum GRE Score
The University of Manchester 315
Imperial College London 314
University of Warwick 320
Durham University 320
University of Bristol 304

GRE scores for universities in Canada

Popular Canadian universities require a minimum overall GRE score, as shown below, for specific courses, such as MBA or MS.

US universities Minimum GRE Score
University of Toronto 290
University of Waterloo 300+
The University of British Columbia 320
McGill University 321
University of Montreal 312

GRE scores for Australian universities

In Australia, a very good GRE score is typically 300+ for top universities. Refer to the table to see the minimum GRE scores for top universities in Australia.

Australian Universities Minimum GRE scores
The University of Melbourne 310
The Australian National University 304
The University of New South Wales, Sydney 307
The University of Queensland 305
Monash University 305

Know the minimum required GRE scores for your admission in advance and prepare accordingly. Moreover, the GRE is an entrance test, and systematic preparation will help you to get the optimum scores.

If you have taken the test and you need to explore top universities based on your scores, we can help you. Our expert counselors will offer guidance and suggest university options based on your scores to top countries like the US.

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