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Planning to study abroad in 2024? It could be an amazing opportunity to explore the globe without compromising on your academic journey.  

If you’re eager to experience international academia and the environment by studying abroad, you’re in the right place! Discover overseas universities that align with your requirements and financial considerations with Nomad Credit. We aim to help you turn your dreams of studying abroad in 2024 into a reality. 

However, choosing from these study destinations may seem daunting, thus we have outlined key factors for each country that might seem useful for you to narrow down your choices. Each country’s best schools are showcased, along with their QS World University Ranking for 2024. 

Discover the inspiration you need to elevate your education by considering these best countries for international students to study overseas!

How to know which country is best to study abroad? 

Based on a recent survey of over 17,000 people, offer insights into ideal study destinations. Here best countries for Indian students to study abroad highlighted for their cultural accessibility, fun factors, cultural attractions, and top-quality living:

These best countries to study stand out as appealing choices for studying abroad, providing a mix of cultural richness and excellent educational opportunities according to survey respondents aged 35 and under. 


Choosing to study in the USA gives a myriad of blessings as it is the leading country to study abroad. Firstly, the US boasts a world-renowned education system, with prestigious universities that consistently rank some of them globally, ensuring a pinnacle-tier educational experience.  

The USA is imparting college students with possibilities to engage in modern-day studies, technological advancements, and entrepreneurial opportunities, fostering a tradition of creativity and advanced learning. 

  • Leading economy: The USA boasts the sector’s largest and maximum influential economy, presenting unprecedented possibilities for academic and professional boom. 
  • Innovation Hub: Leading in generation, studies, and entrepreneurial endeavours.   
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to a worldwide community of experts and professionals.  
  • Internship Culture: Emphasis on realistic enjoy with several internship options.  
  • English Language Immersion: Immersive enjoy for enhancing English language abilities.  
  • Career Pathways: Opportunities for internships, employment, and put up-graduation prospects.   
  • Research Excellence: High emphasis on present day research and development.  
  • Quality of Life: Varied landscapes, vibrant cities, and an excessive preferred of dwelling. 

Top universities: 

  • University of Chicago 
  • John Hopkins University 
  • University of California, Berkeley 
  • Arizona State University


Australia is one of the most attractive and probably the best country to study abroad for Indian students because of its extraordinary higher education, great choice of UG &PG courses, and favorable employment opportunities.  

International students have an extensive range of scholarship opportunities and universities. College students are given extraordinary opportunities to position themselves for future professional achievement in culturally enriching surroundings. 

  • Diverse Courses: Wide range of programs to suit various academic interests. 
  • English Language: Opportunity to improve English skills as it’s the primary language. 
  • Safe Environment: Politically stable, cities are safe, and quality of life is high. 
  • Research Opportunities: Cutting-edge research institutions for innovative projects. 
  • Multicultural Society: Diversity enriches the overall educational experience. 
  • Global Recognition: Degrees widely accepted globally, enhancing career prospects. 

Top universities: 

  • Australian National University (ANU) 
  • University of Queensland (UQ) 
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 
  • Monash University


Canada’s emphasis on research and innovation is clear thru its present-day facilities and opportunities for students to engage in modern projects, contributing to improvements in numerous fields. Additionally, Canada is known for its secure and nonviolent communities, ensuring a steady living for students. 

A key spotlight is Canada’s immigration policies, which regularly facilitate possibilities for graduates to pursue lengthy-time period residency and employment. 

  • Research and Innovation: Opportunities for cutting-edge research tasks. 
  • Safe and Peaceful Environment: Secure groups for a conducive studying environment. 
  • Immigration Opportunities: Favorable immigration regulations for publish-commencement residency. 
  • Breathtaking Landscapes: Stunning natural beauty from coast to mountains. 
  • Environmental Sustainability: Commitment to eco-aware tasks and responsible practices. 
  • Quality Healthcare: Access to a reputable healthcare device for students’ well-being.

Top universities: 

  • University of British Columbia 
  • McGill University 
  • Queen’s University 
  • University of Waterloo 

United Kingdom

Global recognition of UK qualifications facilitates employment opportunities internationally, and proximity to Europe opens doors for travel and research. Furthermore, many UK universities prioritize student support activities to ensure flexibility smooth sailing and a good learning journey. Specifically, studying in the UK combines academic excellence, cultural richness, and access to global opportunities. 

  • Legacy Universities: Some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world with great history. 
  • Multiculturalism: Multiculturalism and the expression of global perspectives. 
  • Emphasis on practical learning: Focus on practical learning and critical thinking. 
  • Global recognition: UK qualifications are recognized around the world, increasing career prospects. 
  • Close to Europe: Easy to explore neighbouring European countries. 
  • Student Support Services: Many universities prioritize comprehensive student support services. 

Top universities: 

  • University of Edinburgh 
  • King’s College London 
  • London Business School 
  • University of Manchester 

New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand gives college students a completely unique and enriching experience. The country is known for its outstanding education system, providing globally rich qualifications and a focal point on progressive teaching methods. In addition, the richness of Māori subculture provides a unique combination of cultures.  

With opportunities for extracurricular work, more outdoor activities and access to better healthcare, studying in New Zealand includes not only academic achievement but also personal and cultural enrichment. 

  • Higher Education: It is known for its premium academic system and globally renowned as one of the best countries for masters.  
  • Stunning Natural Beauty: The breathtaking perspectives and pristine climate provide a unique backdrop for a look at.  
  • A safe and inclusive country: New Zealand is continuously ranked as one of the most secure countries in the international with a welcoming environment. 
  •  Research Opportunities: Opportunities for palms-on research in a number of settings.  
  • Innovative teaching techniques: Emphasis is positioned on verbal exchange and student-cantered getting-to-know techniques.  
  • Adventure and activity: Outdoor sports like hiking, snowboarding, and water sports make contributions to a balanced lifestyle.  
  • Quality of Health Care: Access to fantastic fitness takes care of the properly-being of college students. 

Top universities: 

  • Auckland University of Technology 
  • Victoria University of Wellington 
  • University of Auckland 
  • Lincoln University


Whether or not these are the best countries for international students to study and work in, foreign education relies upon your personal needs and bandwidth. But if you’re looking for a destination with a wonderful schooling system, scenery, friendly and inviting ecosystem, and appropriate jobs, these countries are worth considering! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best countries to study abroad? 

The international locations to observe overseas rely on your choices and educational goals. Popular choices encompass the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand, each offering unique blessings along with super training, cultural stories, and numerous packages 

Which country provides free education? 

Several countries offer unfastened or low-value education for global students. Examples include Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. However, it’s vital to observe that whilst training can be loose in a few cases, there could nevertheless be living costs and other associated prices. 

How do I pick the right country to study abroad? 

Consider factors that include the reputation of universities, language preferences, the value of residing, cultural shape, and post-work possibilities. 

What English language skill ability exams are common? 

 Regular exams include TOEFL and IELTS, however, some universities might also remember different assessments which includes PTE Academic. 

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