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Studying in the UK is considered an expensive affair for the average middle-class student. While it’s true to an extent, there’s hope for people who can afford a limited financial burden. Behind the universities visible to the mainstream, there are budget-friendly ones in the UK offering courses with lower tuition fees.   

The lower cost of education helps you reduce the overall expenses and loan burden and helps you navigate the unpredictable financial market landscape with less risk.  Cherry to the cake, these universities pose a high acceptance rate and offer better chances of winning scholarships compared to the popular and expensive ones. Many of these universities have an established history of centuries and some are located near historical sites in the UK. Just think about your exposure to the unexplored culture and history of the UK – isn’t it exciting?  

Let’s uncover the list of affordable universities in the UK for your academic adventure.

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Coventry University

Coventry University is a renowned university known for its affordability. The city Coventry is ranked among the top 5 student-friendly cities in England by QS, reaffirming the affordability. Plus, international students can apply for scholarships worth 1,500 – 3,000 GBP at Coventry University.  

World Ranking 2024 571 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 16,800 – 19,850 GBP 
Popular Courses MS courses, Engineering, Hospitality, Occupational Therapy, Tourism, Finance, MBA 
Location Coventry 
Average Living Cost 6,345 GBP 
Number of International Students  13,000 

University of Bedfordshire

The cost of studying at the University of Bedfordshire is affordable for the average international student. Apart from scholarships and bursaries, they can apply for student loans facilitated by the university to fund their studies.  

World Ranking 2024 121 – 130 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 15,000 – 18,000 GBP 
Popular Courses MS, MBA, & master’s in social sciences & art & design 
Location Bedford, Luton 
Average Living Cost 1565 GBP 
Number of International Students  20,000 

Plymouth Marjon University

Plymouth Marjon University is famous for its affordability, academic reputation, and international enrollments. In England, it is ranked the top 2 for student satisfaction, number 1 for social inclusion, and won Gold overall in the Teaching Excellence Framework. 

World Ranking 2024 561 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 14,500 GBP 
Popular Courses Science, Business, Health & Wellbeing, Sports & Coaching, Theater 
Location Plymouth 
Average Living Cost 1565 GBP 
Number of International Students  2,000 

Leeds Beckett University

International students can pursue top courses at Leeds with scholarships worth 1,500 – 3,000 GBP. The cost of living is affordable for students from average financial backgrounds. The university conducts international events to welcome students from all around the globe.  

World Ranking 2024 1001 – 1200 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 17,500 GBP 
Popular Courses Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Computing and Engineering, Engineering  
Location Leeds 
Average Living Cost 1,800 – 2,000 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA  

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is an affordable option that is ranked 2nd in the UK for quality education and under the top 10 for career prospects and social inclusion. International students can apply for SMART scholarships worth 3,000 GBP every year. 

World Ranking 2024 155 (in Europe) 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 16,750 GBP 
Popular Courses Business, Engineering, Health and Social Care, Computing 
Location Stoke-on-Trent, England 
Average Living Cost 1,670 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA 

Teesside University

Teesside University offers programs such as MSc & MBA at a budget-friendly cost for international students. Eligible students can also apply for many merit and need-based scholarships.   

World Ranking 2024 1201 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 15,000 GBP 
Popular Courses Science, Business, Economics, Finance, Social Work, Sports Rehabilitation, Nursing 
Location Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire 
Average Living Cost 1,023 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA 

University of Sunderland

According to Guardian University Guide 2024, the University of Sunderland comes under the top 50 UK universities. International students can study at the University of Sunderland at a low tuition fee. Plus, if eligible, they can apply for scholarships and bursaries worth 1,000 – 2,000 GBP or 20% – 100% tuition fee waiver.  

World Ranking 2024 101 – 150 (world University Rankings by Subject) 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 15,000 – 17,000 GBP 
Popular Courses Science, Business, Management and Finance, Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Nursing and Health 
Location Sunderland 
Average Living Cost 900 – 1,200 GBP 
Number of International Students  6,000 

University of Cumbria

Tucked amid the picturesque Lake District, the University of Cumbria campus stands as the sole UK university site situated within a UNESCO World Heritage site at an affordable range. For students passionate for science and the environment, this campus offers unparalleled opportunities to explore the distinctive landscapes, habitats, and culture of Lakeland.  

World Ranking 2024 161 (Europe University Rankings) 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 13,575 GBP 
Popular Courses Science, Health, Nursing, Animation, Cinema, Arts, Business 
Location Ambleside, the Lake District 
Average Living Cost 1,000 – 1,500 GBP 
Number of International Students  8% of the student community 

Wrexham Glyndwr University

Highly affordable and ranked for excellence, Wrexham University’s various campuses showcase areas of expertise and house a diverse range of facilities tailored to fulfill the requirements of students. At Wrexham Glyndwr University, the commitment to student support, well-being, and affordable course fees and living costs welcomes international students seeking study programs in the UK. 

World Ranking 2024 161 (Europe University Rankings) 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 12,500 – 13,000 GBP 
Popular Courses MBA IT Management, Electrical Engineering, Public health, Business, Animal Science, Data Analytics 
Location Wrexham, Wales 
Average Living Cost 1,000 – 1,200 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA 

Ravensbourne University London

Ravensbourne offers affordable programs in the expensive city of London. The reputation of Ravensbourne University London is founded on nurturing some of the most exceptional creative talent in the industry. 90% of the graduates seamlessly find employment or pursue advanced studies, coupled with students receiving prestigious industry awards, according to the university data. 

World Ranking 2024 201 – 240 (World University Rankings by Subject) 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 17,500 – 19,000 GBP 
Popular Courses MBA, MS, Finance, Digital Marketing, Fashion, Cyber Security 
Location London 
Average Living Cost 1,300 – 2,300 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA 

University of the West of Scotland

International students can study at the University of West of Scotland for various programs at an affordable expense. There are various scholarships and tuition fee waiver programs for eligible international students.  

World Ranking 2024 1201 (Global Sustainability Rankings) 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 11,000 – 18,000 GBP 
Popular Courses Engineering, Science, Business, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare 
Location Glasgow 
Average Living Cost 900 – 1,300 GBP 
Number of International Students  3,500 

University of Greenwich

Across our three campuses in London and Kent, the University of Greenwich is where minds converge, ideas ignite, and new adventures take flight. Situated on a World Heritage Site along the banks of the river Thames, the campus offers affordable programs and scholarships for international students.  

World Ranking 2024 671 – 680 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 16,000 – 19,000 GBP 
Popular Courses Accounting and Finance, Biology and Biomedical, Business and Management, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering 
Location London 
Average Living Cost 1,100 – 1,500 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA 

Royal Agricultural University

International students looking for courses in agricultural studies in the UK must consider the Royal Agricultural University. From its inception during the industrial revolution, which reshaped food supply systems, to the present day where the focus is on addressing societal concerns about feeding humanity and preserving the land amidst challenges and changes, the university has maintained its leading position. 

World Ranking 2024 NA 
Average Graduate Tuition Fee 16,400 GBP 
Popular Courses MS courses, Archaeology, Business, Finance, Agriculture and Food Security 
Location Cirencester 
Average Living Cost 900 – 1.200 GBP 
Number of International Students  NA 

And that’s not the end of the list. There are many UK universities where you can study at a low cost compared to universities in a metropolitan city. Other notable cheap universities in the UK for international students include:  

University of Wales Trinity Saint David University of Bolton 
University of Suffolk   York St John University 
Buckinghamshire New University   University of Chester   

To sum up, international students who look for an affordable campus in the UK can consider the above-mentioned universities for various programs. These universities let you embark on your journey to study in the UK with confidence, without worrying about finances. In the end, you will be exposed to academic excellence, international experience, and professional networks.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the top cost-efficient courses in the UK?  

The cost of studying a course is determined by individual universities in the UK. Accordingly, affordable universities offer financially affordable courses in science, business, management, social work, and other fields.  

Are universities in the UK affordable without an education loan? 

The requirement for an education loan depends on your financial background and choice. In general, less expensive universities charge around 9,000 – 20,000 GBP as tuition fees and the cost of living can be 900 – 1,300 GBP. Calculate your expenses before deciding the need for an education loan.  

Can I get an education loan for low-cost universities in the UK?  

Your eligibility for an education loan is ultimately the decision of the lender. Get in touch with our counselor and explore your education loan options with our expert guidance.  

What are the eligibility criteria for cost-effective universities in the UK?  

The basic eligibility requirements for all UK universities remain the same. You need a bachelor’s degree, English proficiency proof (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo), and similar other documents. For details, connect with our counselor and get expert advice at zero cost.  

What is the application process for cheap universities in the UK? 

The application process for cheap universities in the UK is the same as any other UK university. You need to apply timely online and submit the required documents and pay the fee. For details and comprehensive guidance, reach out to us.

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