Cheapest Universities in the US

Cheapest Universities in the US

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  1. Cheapest Universities in the USA
  2. Top public colleges in the USA for international students
  3. Cheapest Universities for Bachelor’s in the USA
  4. Cheapest universities for Master’s in the USA
  5. How to find a cheap university in the USA for your program?
  6. Frequently asked questions

International students find the US one of the best study-abroad destinations since the country has best-in-class academics and career opportunities for students. If we look at the data by Statista, an international statistics agency, there were 948,519 international students in the US in 2021 – 2022. More students are heading to the US to fulfill their academic and career goals every year.

However, the rising cost of study in the US can be challenging for many students, especially those from lower or middle-class backgrounds. For them, here is the good news – studying in the US can be affordable for you and your family if you get admission to cheap universities. The cheapest universities in the US for international students include Nicholls State University, California State University, Eastern New Mexico University, Brigham Young University, Bridgewater State University, Dakota State University, etc. 

Read on and explore the cheapest universities in the US for international students where you can study Bachelor’s and Master’s courses at the lowest rates.

Cheapest Universities in the USA for International Students

Typically, the tuition fees in American universities can be around 50,000 – 60,000 USD or more for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses. This amount is significantly lower at many universities in the US, which is why they are cheaper for international students.

Here is a handpicked list of the cheapest US universities for international students with the tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses:

University NameAverage Tuition Fee For Bachelor’sAverage Tuition Fee For Master’s
Nicholls State University4,500 USD per semester4,500 USD per semester
California State University17,720 USD per year14,600 per year
Eastern New Mexico University8,718 USD per semester7,227 USD per semester
Bringham Young University6,496 USD per semester8,168 USD per semester
Bridgewater State University17,529 USD per year1,506 USD for 3 credit hours
Dakota State University5,968 USD per semester5,965 per semester
Minnesota State University-Moorhead18,812 USD per year14,620 USD per year
University of Buffalo32,000 USD per year30,000 USD per year
Mississippi University for Women8,092 USD per year8,092 USD per year
Northern State University10,717 USD per year10,717 USD per year
Southwest Minnesota State University10,304 USD per year10,350 USD per year
Oklahoma Panhandle State University8,539 USD per year8,539 USD per year
Bemidji State University10,440 USD per year10,440 USD per year
Delta State University4,717 USD per semester4,717 USD per semester
Henderson State University9,632 USD per semester9,632 USD per semester
South Dakota State University5,642 USD per semester5,886 USD per semester

Top public colleges in the USA for international students

Public universities in America offer top Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at affordable rates, compared to private universities. If your concern is getting enrolled in a high-ranked US university for the cheapest degree programs, you can explore top public institutions in the US. 

Given below is a list of top public colleges in the US for international students in 2023 – 2024: 

College NameUS News National University Rankings 2024Average Tuition Fee For Master’sAverage Tuition Fee For Bachelor’s
University of California, Berkeley1548,465 USD32,831 USD
University of California, Los Angeles1546,326 USD32,423 USD
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor2157,273 USD32,695 USD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2239,338 USD20,210 USD
University of Virginia2458,950 USD17,496 USD
University of California, Davis2846,043 USD31,532 USD
University of California, San Diego2848,630 USD33,096 USD
University of Florida2828,658 USD34,552 USD
University of Texas at Austin3241,070 USD41,309 USD
Georgia Institute of Technology3332,876 USD18,415 USD

Cheapest Universities for Bachelor’s in the USA

Refer to the tables above to find cheap universities in the USA for Bachelor’s courses. Apart from those listed above, here are some universities in America where you can pursue undergraduate courses of 3 – 4 years at a lower cost:

  • Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia 
  • South Dakota State University, South Dakota 
  • The City University of New York, New York
  • University of Central Florida, Florida
  • University of the People, California
  • Mercy College New York, New York 
  • Western Michigan University, Michigan
  • West Virginia University, West Virginia
  • Cascadia Community College

Cheapest universities for Master’s in the USA

Studying for a Master’s costs less than a Bachelor’s in many US universities. You can see the list of American universities offering affordable Master’s in Science, Engineering, Technology, Management, Business, IT, etc., in the tables in the sections above. Other than the universities mentioned earlier, you can also consider these universities in America for an affordable Master’s degree: 

  • University at Buffalo SUNY
  • Lynn University
  • University of South Florida
  • West Texas A&M University
  • University of Houston
  • DePaul University
  • University of Florida
  • Florida State University
  • Purdue University

How to find a cheap university in the USA for your program?

If you are in the beginning phase of searching for the cheapest universities in the US for your course, here are some tips to find out your options:

  • Explore state universities: State universities, also known as public universities, are generally more affordable than private universities in the US for international students. Compare the tuition fees at different universities and shortlist your options. 
  • Check out university rankings: It is crucial to check out the rank of your desired university before applying for admissions. A better-ranked university will offer better academic and career prospects than a low-ranked university. 
  • Enquire about scholarship options: Explore the scholarship options in detail before applying to US universities. If you win a scholarship, the cost of studying in the US will be more affordable to you and your family.

Studying in the US can be affordable to you with universities where the cost of study is lower. When you explore those university options, prioritize rankings on academic quality, job prospects, alumni strength, and research opportunities, among other considerations. 

To find better university options, get in touch with our counselor, who will evaluate your profile and shortlist universities for you. Plus, enjoy customized guidance in education loan options, SOP, US student visa, and so on, all at zero cost to you. 

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Frequently asked questions

Which university in the USA is the cheapest? 

The cheapest university in the US can be different for students, depending on their program of study. You may explore cheap university options and figure out which of them is the cheapest for you. Refer to the blog for the cheapest universities in the US with the average fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses. 

Which are the most affordable universities in the USA?

For international students, public universities in the US offer affordable degree programs. In private universities, the tuition fee will be higher than in public universities. However, check the location of your university and select a region where the cost of living is affordable.

Can I study in the US for free? 

Yes, if you get admission to any of the five tuition-free universities in the US. They are U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Are US universities cheaper for international students?

In general, US universities are considered expensive for international students. But you can find affordable universities in the US, as listed in this blog. Find your options, plan your costs, and study in the US at an affordable cost. 

Are Ivy League schools cheaper for international students?

Ivy League schools can be cheaper for international students if they win any scholarship. Otherwise studying in an Ivy League school can be expensive for international students. 

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