Save Your Seat! Common Reasons for Student Visa Rejection 2024

For international students, securing admission abroad is a major triumph. The long process from home to the classroom ends happily if a student visa is granted. With the rising number of international students yearly, countries abroad have limited the total student visa approval. Many lose their chance out of sheer ignorance and improper application. 

From our observation, we have compiled the top facts students miss out on before applying for a student visa. Read on and empower your student visa journey as Nomad Credit sheds light with this blog.

Table of Contents

  1. A high volume of pending applications
  2. Lack of an acceptance letter
  3. Unclear stay-back decision
  4. Poor statement of purpose
  5. Inadequate finances
  6. Incomplete academic records
  7. Wrong choice of study program
  8. Unexplained gap years
  9. Past criminal records
  10. Inadmissible medical records
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

A high volume of pending applications

Facts cannot be ignored. There have been rising study visa application backlogs in recent years. As applications pile up, the authorities put them under extensive scrutiny to avoid illegal migration challenges. A small error in your application can lead to denial when the authorities examine a larger number of applications than normal.

Lack of an acceptance letter

International students must receive a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from an institution abroad to apply for a study permit. If you didn’t receive it, you will not receive a student visa since there is no proof of your immigrant identity. 

Unclear stay-back decision

In the visa interview, you must clearly mention your plans to return to your home country after your studies. Providing unclear answers regarding your stay-back intentions will be a negative to your student visa approval. You can highlight your family ties and future plans to convince the officer you will return to your home country after completing your education. 

Poor statement of purpose

When you submit a statement of purpose, give strong reasons for choosing the country for academic goals. Lack of a strong reason for immigration can lead to a negative assessment of your profile. 

Inadequate finances

If you don’t submit proof of funds to meet your cost of attendance, your student visa application gets rejected. The proof can be an education loan sanction letter, FD certificate, or scholarship proof. 

Incomplete academic records

When you apply, ensure to submit all your academic transcripts relevant to your admission abroad. It shows you are the right candidate and has a good track history. The absence of academic transcripts is a reason for your student visa rejection. 

Wrong choice of study program

It is important to choose a study program that aligns with your career goals. If your statements and program choices differ widely, your student visa application can be rejected due to a lack of clarity. 

Unexplained gap years

Ideally, there shall not be gap years in your academic track. If you have break years, it is possible to give valid explanations, such as work experience, projects, etc. Without a valid reason, your gap years can cause student visa rejection. 

Past criminal records

Those with past criminal records still unsettled can’t have a student visa abroad. However, if the crime was committed when you were a minor (under 18 years), you can apply for a student visa. 

Inadmissible medical records

For student visa applications, a detailed medical check-up is mandatory. If your health is not perfect for migration, your student visa application can be rejected for medical reasons. So, get a clean medical certificate before you apply for a student visa. 


Getting a student visa is your first step toward great global dreams. But in the globalized world, it gets tougher every year to get a student visa approval. Take care of the common mistakes mentioned above and tailor your application perfectly after doing the homework. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common reason for student visa rejection?

One of the most common reasons for student visa rejection is incomplete information or incorrect documentation. Even a minor discrepancy in the information you submit can lead to student visa rejection. 

Is Canada rejecting student visas in 2024?

Canada is a country with a high number of international students each year. The student visa rejection rate and acceptance rate are increasing every year. 

Have countries abroad slowed down the student visa approval process?

That can’t be entirely true. While many countries have slowed their student visa approval rate, many countries still remain the same with student visa approval. 

Which country is best for student visa approval? 

In general, any country abroad can be chosen in terms of its student visa approval and rejection rates. 

Can bachelor’s students apply for student visas?

Yes. All international students need student visas to study abroad, be it a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral. 

Does a student visa grant a post-study work permit?

In most cases, a student visa does not guarantee a post-study work permit. Students may be allowed to remain for up to 1 year after studies in many cases.

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