France vs. Australia Comparison for International Students 

Confused to choose between France and Australia for studying abroad? It is understandable, as deciding your country to study abroad is a meticulous task. It requires careful evaluation as your choice must satisfy your academic demands, career prospects, and financial affordability. 

France is home to top business schools like HEC Paris, EDHEC, ESSEC, and INSEAD. Australia has global –top universities like the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and Australian National University. France offers you the advantages of being in a European country, while Australia is unique in its location and lifestyle.   

Read on and explore more on France vs. Australia for international students to make your decision.

France vs. Australia for international students: A glance 

Factors France Australia 
Average Cost of Study 3,000 – 4,000 USD 43,000 – 55,000 USD 
Average Cost of Living 8,600 – 11,000 USD 20,000 – 23,000 USD 
Part-time Work Permit 20 hours a week 48 hours a fortnight 
Top Cities to Study Paris Lyon Toulouse Bordeaux Grenoble Strasbourg Montpellier Melbourne Sydney Canberra Brisbane Adelaide Perth Gold Coast 
Post-study Stay Back Duration Up to 5 years Up to 6 years 

Top reasons to study in France 

France is home to globally reputed universities and colleges. Every year, the government invests around 20% of the annual budget for education, encouraging international students to pursue excellence in France.  

  • More than 1,500 French programs are taught in English 
  • 500+ scholarships for international students 
  • France has strong bilateral agreements with India 
  • Around 570 French companies operate in India. You can explore opportunities in them with a French degree 
  • French education system is renowned for research and innovation. 64 Nobel Laureates are from France, of diverse academic backgrounds 
  • You will learn French, the official language of 30 countries across continents 
  • France is an esteemed choice for entrepreneurship learnings 
  • Situated in the heart of Europe, you can travel anywhere in the continent from France 

Top reasons to study in Australia 

Here are the top reasons why Australia can be your study abroad choice:  

  • Australia is home to top ranking universities offering high quality education 
  • Australian universities have a good acceptance rate for international students 
  • Australian government offers scholarships for international students to encourage the regional universities 
  • Every year, the government publishes vacancies in different sectors, letting international students to work in the country 

France vs. Australia: Top Universities  

France and Australia host globally leading universities with proven tracks of excellence. Some of these universities are renowned and have produced notable alumni including Nobel Laureates of diverse fields. No doubt international students stand the best chance to learn and enhance their academic and personal perspectives when they enroll into the top universities in France and Australia. 

Top universities in France 

French universities are among the top in Europe for academic excellence and career prospects. International students form a significant part of the student community in renowned French universities. The following are the top universities in France:   

Top Universities in France THE Rankings 2024 
Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris 40 
Université Paris-Saclay (Paris-Saclay University) 58 
Institut Polytechnique de Paris (Polytechnic Institute of Paris) 71 
Sorbonne University 75 
Université Paris Cité (Paris Cité University) 152 
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon  251 – 300 
Université Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble Alps University) 301 – 350 
Montpellier University 301 – 350 
Aix-Marseille University 351 – 400 
University of Bordeaux 351 – 400 

Top universities in Australia 

Australian universities are globally known for academic excellence in diverse fields of study. The research-extensive curriculum and academic environment in Australian universities will transform your learning experience for the best. The table below shows top Australian universities for international students:  

Top Universities in Australia QS Rankings 2024 
The University of Melbourne 14 
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 19 
The University of Sydney 19 
Australian National University (ANU) 34 
Monash University 42 
The University of Queensland 43 
The University of Western Australia 72 
The University of Adelaide 89 
University of Technology Sydney 90 
Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) 130 

Popular courses: France vs. Australia 

Popular Courses in France Popular Courses in Australia 
  • MBA
  • Engineering
  • Film Studies
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Fashion Designing
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Accountancy
  • Actuarial Science
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Architecture
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Core engineering
  • Earth sciences
  • Computer science and information technology
  • Psychology
  • Tourism and hospitality management

Admission requirements: France vs. Australia 

Admission requirements for France and Australia remain almost the same, except that French universities may ask for French proficiency proof. The requirements are decided by your course, university and other factors. In general, the following documents are required to study in France or Australia:  

Relevant academic transcripts   Student visa   
Passport Resume     
2 – 3 Letters of recommendation  English proficiency proof – IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE    
Entrance tests – GMAT or GRE if required Proof of work experience and extracurricular involvements, if applicable 

France vs. Australia: Cost of study  

In France and Australia, the cost of study varies according to your university, course, and city of living. Chances are that the French government sponsors a share of your tuition fees. Typically, the following are the tuition fees required to study various courses in France and Australia: 

Course Level France Australia  
Undergraduate 2,770 EUR (3,000 USD) 46,500 – 50,000 USD 
Postgraduate 3,770 EUR (4,100 USD) 43,000 – 55,000 USD 
PhD 380 EUR (411 USD) 45,500 – 51,000 USD 

France vs. Australia: Cost of living  

Cost of living can be a challenge in France if you don’t follow proper management of expenses. In general, the expense varies with your city of living and personal spending. There are expensive cities like Paris and affordable cities like Grenoble.  

Australian government informs that international students need around 30,000 – 35,000 AUD (19,700 – 23,000 USD) to live a moderate life in Australia. However, the cost of living may be higher, depending on various factors such as your city of living, personal expenses, accommodation type, and so on. Estimate your expenses on the cost-of-living calculator by the Australian government for clarity.  

See the table below for the average cost of living in France vs. Australia for international students: 

Country Average Cost of Living for International Students 
France 8,600 – 11,000 USD 
Australia 20,000 – 23,000 USD 

Student visa application for France vs. Australia  

A student visa is crucial for France and Australia for international students. Depending on your course duration, you can stay till a particular period in these countries with a valid student visa. Once you complete your studies, you can change the category and apply for a post-study work visa to remain in France or Australia and explore job opportunities.  

Features France Australia 
Visa Validity 4 months – 1 year (depending on course duration, can be renewed online) 5 years 
Application Fee 99 EUR (107 USD) 710 AUD (467 USD) 
Processing Time 15 days 4 weeks 

France vs. Australia: Average salary for jobs 

France is the world’s 7th largest economy. The country hosts 31 out of the most powerful 500 companies in the world. The country is one of the top supporters of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.  

  • Top companies for recruitment in France include Air France, Airbus, Volkswagen, Renault, Thales, L’Oréal, and BNP Paribas among others. 

Australia boasts a steady economy congenial for business and industrial growth. It houses top companies in the world, including Fortune 500 companies. Once you graduate, you can get a Post-Study Visa Permit and explore job opportunities.  

  • Top companies for recruitment in Australia include Telstra, Coles, Fortescue, Macquarie Group, Atlassian, Amazon, IBM, Alphabet, BHP, Deloitte, and Allianz. 
Job Areas Average Salary in France Average Salary in Australia 
IT and Technology 38,000 – 58,000 USD 46,000 – 66,000 USD  
Healthcare 84,500 – 238,000 USD 48,000 – 74,000 USD 
Engineering 43,000 – 57,000 USD 53,000 – 66,000 USD 
Finance and Banking 54,000 – 85,000 USD 46,000 – 79,000 USD 
Hospitality and Tourism 78,000 – 91,000 USD 58,000 – 72,000 USD 
Marketing and Sales 54,000 – 76,000 USD 36,000 – 66,000 USD 

France vs. Australia: Culture, climate, and crime rate 


France shows you the European way of living. French people are known for their love of celebrating life with romance, luxury, musicals, and food varieties. Paris is the world’s fashion capital also known for congresses. For international students, it can be a great choice for European tourism as the location of France is in the heart of Europe. France and its territories have three seas and three oceans, 42 UNESCO World Heritage sites and five mountainous European regions.  

Australia offers you all the luxuries of an urban life. Adventures, cafe, golf, water sports, and what not – Australian life is something that satisfies most international students. The people are welcoming, and you can see students from 192 countries studying in Australia. Being an English-speaking country with a significant Indian diaspora population and a tropical climate, Australia won’t be a big cultural shock compared to France.  


French climate is continental, characterized by warm summers and snowfall. In Eastern regions, the climate exhibits a continental nature of warm summers featuring occasional thunderstorms, while winters tend to be cold. Temperatures may dip below freezing, and mountainous areas often experience frequent snowfall. In the South, the climate takes on a Mediterranean character, where summers are hot, and winters are typically mild and dry.  

Australian climate is tropical and continental, somewhat like the Indian climate. Indian students have a less challenge in adapting with Australia’s climate. Australia has a tropical climate of summers and rainfalls. Due to the geographical vastness, you can see diverse sorts of weather variations, such as rainfalls, droughts, summers, winds, and snowy conditions.   

Crime rate 

France is considered a safe choice for Indian students. India and France have strong ties regarding the international student safety. France reports a lower crime rate and proper execution of laws. 

Both the Australian government and universities prioritize the comfort and safety of international students. Australia has a lower crime rate and strict laws regarding public safety. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics,77% of women and 93% of men who used public transport alone after dark felt safe. 


As we have seen, France and Australia are competent options with top academic offerings. Studying in France gives you the opportunity to explore French and European cultures. Australian culture, on the other hand, is unique for urban lifestyle and international mingling. Choosing from France vs. Australia can be done after assessing your individual needs carefully and exploring available financing options for your profile. For evaluating your profile and getting personalized suggestions at zero cost, reach out to Nomad Credit’s expert who guides you through the intricacies seamlessly.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

France vs. Australia: Which country is better to study abroad? 

France and Australia are good options to study abroad. You can choose from them based on your individual preferences and affordability.  

Which is cheaper for students, France or Australia? 

Compared to Australia, France is cheaper for international students. However, your total cost of study is dependent on your course, university, and where you live.  

Is France a good option for international students?  

Yes. France has a very good education system renowned for quality and professional development.  

Can international students work in France or Australia?  

Yes. International students have the right to work in France and Australia. Once they complete their studies, they must find a job and apply for a Post-Study Work Visa to work in France or Australia. 

Is it mandatory to learn the French language if I opt for France? 

There are English-taught programs in France for international students. If your course is English taught, there is no mandatory need to provide proof of fluency in French.  

Is it hard to find a part-time job in France and Australia? 

Finding a part-time job can be challenging in France or Australia if there are fewer opportunities where you live. You may explore part-time work via the Internet, communities, and personal contacts. 

France or Australia, which country has more chances of winning a scholarship?  

International students can apply for scholarships in France and Australia. It is up to your course and eligibility to decide the chances of winning a scholarship.  

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