GMAT Scholarships: Top GMAT Scholarships You Can’t Miss

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding GMAT for Abroad Studies
  2. What are GMAT Scholarships?
  3. Eligibility for GMAT Scholarships
  4. Top GMAT Scholarships Abroad
  5. How to Find GMAT Scholarships for You?
  6. Frequently Asked Question

Do you feel financial concerns are a roadblock to your dream of studying abroad? No more, with the knowledge of scholarship options. For GMAT-based programs abroad, international students can apply for GMAT scholarships. The effort you put into cracking the GMAT test must be rewarded, mustn’t it? If you think so, explore the top GMAT scholarships abroad with the guidance of Nomad Credit in this blog.

Understanding GMAT for Abroad Studies

If you are preparing for an MBA, you must have heard of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). It is a computer-based entrance test that analyzes the skills of students for admission to MBA, MS, and similar programs abroad. Based on your skills, the scores are from 200 – 800. 

Getting a high GMAT score (720+) can turn the wheels in your favor. With such a high score, you have increased chances for admission success and scholarships. 

What are GMAT Scholarships?

Once you get your GMAT scores, it’s time to explore your scholarship options abroad. GMAT scholarships offer financial support based on your GMAT scores and academic merit. These scholarships are usually awarded to cover your tuition fee, either full or partial. They are offered by universities and organizations across the world to promote inclusion, diversity, and leadership. 

Eligibility for GMAT Scholarships

The eligibility requirements for GMAT scholarships can differ with universities. In general, the following criteria have to be met: 

  • Obtain a high GMAT score (720+)
  • Get admission to a school abroad that offers GMAT scholarships
  • Provide a scholarship essay highlighting your skills (if asked)

Top GMAT Scholarships Abroad

GMAT scholarships are offered by prominent universities to academically exceptional students with a top GMAT score. Some of the top GMAT scholarships are listed below: 

ScholarshipAmount/ BenefitApplication Deadline
GMAT Excellence MBA Scholarships – University College DublinFull tuition fee31 May 2024
Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship75% of the tuition fee + travel & accommodation31 May 2025
Columbia University MBA Scholarships10,000 – 30,000 USD/ year15 October 2024
Stanford University Scholarships44,000 USD / year12 September 2024 (tentative date for round 1)
INSEAD Scholarship22,100 EUR (23,600 USD)/ year30 October 2024 (tentative)

GMAT Excellence MBA Scholarships – University College Dublin

The GMAT Excellence MBA Scholarship at the University College Dublin offers a 100% tuition fee waiver for beneficiaries. Applicants must have at least a GMAT score of 750 or above to apply for this merit-based funding. Right candidates are automatically selected at the time of admission. 

Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is awarded for a two-year program at Harvard Business School. The scholarship includes financial assistance covering 75% of tuition fees and the coverage of travel and accommodation expenses for the internship. Apart from a high GMAT score, the applicant’s academic merit is also considered for the scholarship. 

Columbia University MBA Scholarships

With a high GMAT score and academic merit, you can apply for Columbia University MBA scholarships and be rewarded with 10,000 – 30,000 USD. International students can apply for this scholarship at the time of their admission to Columbia University. 

Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University supports MBA students with a bunch of scholarships and education loan options. The applicant’s GMAT scores, academic merit, and financial need are scrutinized for various scholarships. 

INSEAD Scholarship

INSEAD Scholarships for MBA programs offer 22,100 EUR (23,600 USD) to students who obtain a high GMAT score and show academic achievement. 150+ such fundings are there, and around 40% of the students win these scholarships every year. 

How to Find GMAT Scholarships for You?

Finding your GMAT scholarship options helps you apply on time for funding. Research your options well before you initiate your admission application. Check whether your university of admission provides these scholarships or not. Take your research out of the box and look for external organizations that offer GMAT scholarships. 

In summary, GMAT scholarships help needy students by offering funding based on GMAT scores. Major universities across the globe offer these scholarships to domestic and international students. 

However, the competition for these scholarships can be quite tough. No worries, as Nomad Credit guides you personally for funding options available abroad. Explore your study abroad funding options at zero cost with Nomad Credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GMAT score for full scholarships abroad?

The GMAT score for scholarships abroad differs for each scholarship option. Typically, 720+ is considered a high GMAT score for scholarships.

What is the GMAT score for scholarships in Canada?

GMAT scores are required for admission to MBA courses in Canada. The GMAT score for scholarships in Canada is 720 – 750 in general. 

What is the average GMAT score needed if I need a scholarship in top MBA programs?

Typically, a GMAT score of 730+ will increase your chances of getting an MBA scholarship based on your GMAT scores. 

How do I get a scholarship for an MBA through GMAT?

Obtain a high GMAT score and submit it to the scholarship-awarding body at the time of your admission. You may get a scholarship based on your GMAT scores, academic merit, and other factors. 

Are there GMAT scholarships in Australia?

International students can explore GMAT scholarships in Australia for MBA programs. These are offered by the government and non-government organizations as well as universities based on your academic merit and financial need. 

Do GMAT scholarships cover the full cost of MBA programs?

GMAT scholarships cover full or partial tuition fees, according to the discretion of the scholarship-awarding organization. Check the terms and conditions before you apply for a GMAT scholarship to understand the funding details.

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