Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for 2024

Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)

Table of Contents

  1. What is an LOR?
  2. Why do you need a LOR?
  3. How to write a LOR?
  4. Format of a LOR
  5. Sample of a LOR
  6. Frequently asked questions

You might have heard the term Letter of recommendation for a Master’s and wondered what it is. Universities abroad usually ask for LORs (short for Letters of Recommendation) for Master’s and PhD courses. Generally, 2 – 3 LORs are asked when you apply for admissions abroad.

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A Letter of Recommendation is like a thumbs-up when you’re applying to school, a job, or a scholarship. It’s written by someone who knows you well and can say you’re good at academics or work. This letter usually goes to the person in charge of deciding who gets in or gets the job.

Why is it important? Well, it adds the finishing touch to an application. It tells more about you, like if you’re honest, smart, or have leadership skills. If a teacher, counselor, boss, or co-worker writes a strong recommendation letter, it can make you stand out from the others applying. It’s like a strong arm to help you win!

Why do you need a LOR?

As mentioned, you must have 2 – 3 Letters of Recommendation to apply to universities abroad. A LOR serves as a personal endorsement from someone who knows you well, thus adding to your credibility.

  • It provides insights into your character and abilities for the course 
  • A LOR is a validation of your qualifications by a respected person, strengthening your achievements
  • It highlights your application amidst a pool of applications 
  • It shows diverse perspectives about you from different angles, letting the authorities know you better. If all your LORs are positive and strengthening your profile, it is of great value to your admission application.

How to write a LOR?

When your professor or guide writes a Letter of Recommendation, ensure they take the best approach for you. Here is a general guide to help you crosscheck the LOR: 

  • The LOR must be well researched: Whoever writes the LOR must know why the LOR is required and where it will be sent. The copy must answer the questions your university abroad expects. The writer must highlight the relevant skills and experience. 
  • Maintain a positive tone: The LOR must follow an active and positive tone throughout with the right choice of words. Avoid lengthy and complex sentences.
  • Answer to the specific purpose: Be specific while writing a LOR. Highlight those skills and experience useful for the specialized course abroad, instead of a general MS or MBA. 

Format of a LOR

Letter of Recommendation format helps you convey the details in a clear order. Make sure your LOR conveys the information in a strong voice, in simple sentences, as readability is a must-have in LORs. 

LOR length: A LOR can be a single page or two pages, depending on the nature of the recommendation and the skills being supported by the LOR. 

Here is the Letter of Recommendation format. Look at the checklist of information to be included:

  • Date of writing a LOR: Remember, the date of writing a LOR must be recent, aligning with the application date. 
  • University name & address: Put the address of the university abroad after the date, on the top left. 
  • Salutation: Greet the recipient warmly. Since we don’t know (maybe you know) who reads the LOR, we can mention “Dear Admission Committee” or “Dear DSO”, accordingly. 
  • Declare willingness: It’s ideal to begin a LOR body paragraph by declaring the writer’s willingness to recommend the student. Sentences like “It is my pleasure to recommend AAA to AAA” can be good here. 
  • Include the writer’s information: It is mandatory to provide information on who writes the LOR. Show how the writer is related to the student in the first paragraph, immediately after the beginning, or in the first line itself. 
  • Recommend: Explicitly state why you’re recommending the student. Why do you think the student is a great fit for the university? Answer the question with relevant examples to get a good impression. 
  • Provide proof of why you recommend: Provide examples from your experience with the student to show why you’re recommending the student. You can include anecdotes, valid examples with personal comments, proof of the student’s skills, etc. 
  • Conclude: take an overall look at what you’ve written and conclude it with a general summary. Express your confidence in recommending the student in the LOR closure part.
  • Personal information: Don’t forget to give your contact information. Your Email ID and contact number help the university for follow-ups if required. 
  • Sign the LOR: Acknowledge and sign the LOR.

Sample of a LOR

Here is a Letter of Recommendation sample. See it if you are looking for a Letter of Recommendation template. You can read a Letter of Recommendation for a Master’s, at a university abroad. 

Take reference from this Letter of Recommendation template and let your recommender prepare yours by changing the details. 

Dr. Alexander Dunphy, Professor of Physics at AABB University1234 Main Street, Anytown, NY 12345, 555-666-7777  alexdunph@sampleid.com

November 10, 2023
Admissions CommitteeUniversity of BBAA567 First StreetAnywhere, Country name, 9999
Dear Admissions Committee,
I am proud to recommend John Alex for admission to the MS in Science program at the University of BBAA. 
My name is Alexander Dunphy, and I am a professor of physics at AABB University. It was my pleasure working with John for two years while he was my student in two courses, in the second and third years of his study. John was intellectually sound and curious to learn beyond the syllabus, making him the topper in his class. 
While we were together, John proved to be inquisitive, enthusiastic, academically sound, and dedicated to studies. His leadership skills are commendable and his pinnacle project on the latest trends in science won reviews and acclamations from his peers and teachers. He has also published well-researched articles on his department journal for two years. 
John’s skills and passion extend beyond his classroom. He is a member of the cinema club, library club, and art club. He has coordinated projects to bring more students to the library and volunteered for art programs at the university.
I can confidently recommend John since I am sure he will be an asset to the student community at the University of BBAA. Being a hard-working and intelligent student, John will motivate his peers and prove himself a valuable addition to the organization. 
You may reach out to me for any concerns. Contact me at 555-666-7777 or sample@sampleid.com for more details.
Alexander Dunphy,Professor of Physics

Don’t underestimate the importance of LOR. It can contribute greatly to your application’s acceptance, as a LOR provides the validation of your candidacy from an expert who has worked with you. Find the most appropriate person to write the LOR, and, if you are writing a LOR for someone, be honest and focussed while writing it. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who provides LOR for students?

Often, professors, guides, and employers provide a LOR for students, highlighting their experience with the student and the student’s skills. 

What is the use of a LOR certificate?

An academic LOR or LOR certificate highlights your candidacy for admission. They improve your chances of getting selected by showing proof of relevant work experience and skills you possess. 

Should I upload my LOR to study abroad?

Usually, you need to upload the LORs via a link shared by the university concerned or send them directly to the university email address. 

What a LOR must contain? 

A well-written LOR must state the relation of the writer to the student being recommended, points supporting the student’s candidacy, and the contact information of the writer. See the blog for the format of a LOR. 

Can I get a LOR from my past employer?

For professional purposes and admission where professional experience is valid, you can get a LOR from your past employers, highlighting relevant work experience and skills. 

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