Your Guide to Australian Permanent Residency 2024

Australia stands as one of the Worlds’s resilient economies post-COVID, attracting people internationally for its education, stunning landscapes, and lifestyles. 

The Australian migration program embraces inclusivity, welcoming individuals from any country without discrimination based totally on ethnic foundation, gender, colour, or faith, if they meet the criteria by law. 

For non-residents seeking the chance to reside, study, and work in Australia, numerous visa options exist, including the student visa, skilled visa, sponsored work visa, and business visa. 

If you want Australian PR, this blog has you covered. It explains everything about the PR system, Australia PR eligibility, changes, points for skilled migration, and more.

What does it mean by Australian permanent residency? 

Australian permanent residents are individuals holding a permanent visa in Australia without being citizens. They can stay in Australia indefinitely with an initial 5-year travel facility. This allows them to enter and leave Australia until the facility expires freely.  

Residents enjoy the PR conditions in Australia, like access to legal, education, and health services. However, they cannot vote in federal or state/territory elections unless registered before 1984. They may vote in certain local government elections but are not eligible for an Australian passport. 

What is the Permanent Residency (PR) system in Australia? 

The Permanent Residency (PR) device in Australia is a famous visa category that grants candidates the privilege to stay, paintings, and settle in Australia indefinitely, in conjunction with their households. PR visa holders in Australia experience identical rights as Australian residents. 

The Australian Permanent Residency visa encompasses various categories, each tailored to specific requirements. Here are the primary visa categories for Australian PR: 

  • Family-stream permanent residence visas. 
  • Work-stream permanent residence visas. 
  • Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas. 
  • Other options. 

For individuals who have migrated to Australia on a student visa, obtaining a work-stream permanent residence visa is often the most feasible choice.  

Within this visa class, there are multiple subclasses providing various options. It is essential to be aware that the Australian PR visa system operates on an invitation-only basis. The applicant’s profession significantly contributes to the factor tally, emphasizing the pivotal role of career within the PR visa factor system. 

Benefits of Australian PR: 

  • Residency Rights: Live, work, and study indefinitely without reapplying for permits. 
  • Health Scheme Access: PR holders can apply for Australia’s health scheme, including Medicare and other health benefits. 
  • Financial Opportunities: Apply for financial institution loans to purchase actual estate.  
  • Sponsorship Eligibility: Sponsors of PR holders are eligible for permanent residency.  
  • International Travel Privileges: Travel to and from Australia beneath the ‘overseas tour as a permanent resident’ coverage.  
  • English Language Support: Access free English language sessions for adults via the Adult Migrant English Programme (AMEP).  
  • New Zealand Residency: Visit, work, and live in New Zealand without a visa.  
  • Government Social Benefits: Eligible for numerous government social benefits while living in Australia. 

Eligibility Criteria for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia: 

  • Age: Up to 45 years 
  • Points: Achieve a minimum of 65 points in the Australian points grid 
  • Skills Assessment: Obtain a valid skills assessment from a designated authority 
  • Language Proficiency: Attain a specified score in either IELTS or PTE 
  • Health Coverage: Have valid health insurance 
  • Police Verification: Provide a police verification certificate 

Australia PR process 

The Australia PR process typically involves three predominant stages: 

  • Australia Skill Assessment: Candidates go through skill assessment conducted by using a designated body. A reaction is possible with the aid of filing the specified documents promptly. 
  • Australia PR Visa Approval: After filing necessary documents, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) assesses the candidate’s profile. If the necessary requirements are met, a visa is issued. 
  • Preparation for Departure: Upon receiving Australia PR visa approval, the applicant must plan to move to Australia through the preliminary entry date noted in the visa letter. 

Australia PR rules: PR Points System Explained 

The Australian PR is granted based on a few points you need to get. To qualify for an Australia PR visa, a minimal score of 65 factors is required. The better you’re rating at the eligibility calculation, the better your probability of receiving an invite to use for Australian PR.  

Scoring between 80 to 85 points considerably complements your eligibility for a quicker PR invitation. Various classes exist underneath which you can follow for an Australia PR visa, each with extraordinary eligibility necessities. 

Category  Maximum Points 
Age: 25-32 years 30 points 
English Proficiency: Achieve a proficiency level of 8 bands 20 points 
Work Experience (Outside Australia): 8-10 years  15 points 
Work Experience (In Australia): 8-10 years  20 points 
Education (Outside Australia): Hold a Doctorate degree  20 points 
Niche Skills: Possess Doctorate or Master’s degree by research in Australia  10 points 
Study Location: Study in a regional area   5 points 
Language Accreditation: Accredited in a community language  5 points 
Professional Year: Complete a professional year in a skilled program in Australia  5 points 
State Sponsorship: Eligible for the 190 visa through state sponsorship  5 points 
Skilled Spouse or De Facto Partner: Meet age, skills, and English language requirements  10 points 
Spouse or De Facto Partner with ‘Competent English’: No need to meet skills requirement or age factor  5 points 
Applicants without a Spouse or De Facto Partner, or where a spouse is an Australian citizen or PR holder  10 points 
Relative or Regional Sponsorship: Eligible for the 491 visas through relative or regional sponsorship  15 points 

How to get PR in Australia? 

Meet the eligibility: 

  • Confirm your profession is within the in-demand listing.  
  • Verify you have got the desired points based on the factors desk. 

Skill Assessment: 

  • Have your talents assessed by the Skills Assessment Authority based totally on Australian requirements. 

English Proficiency Test: 

  • Take an identified English language look at (e.g., IELTS, PTE) to meet language proficiency necessities. 

Register Expression of Interest (EOI): 

  • Fill out an internet form on Australia’s Skill Select website.  
  • Respond to skill-related questions primarily based at the visa subclass applying for (Subclass 189, Subclass one hundred ninety, Subclass 491). 

Receive Invitation to Apply (ITA): 

  • Once requirements are met, receive an Invitation to Apply for Australia PR. 

Submit PR Application: 

  • Submit your PR application within 60 days with all required supporting documents, including personal, immigration, and work experience documents. 

Get PR Visa and Relocate: 

  • Upon approval, obtain your PR visa. 
  • Plan your move to Australia. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which state is easy to get PR in Australia? 

The ease of acquiring a Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia relies upon various factors such as the country’s nomination necessities, your career, and individual circumstances. Each state has its very own nomination program, and essential to analyze and align your needs with the demand in a particular kingdom. Some states might also have occupations in demand, making it incredibly simpler for skilled professionals in the one’s fields to steady PR. 

How much does Australian Permanent Residency (PR) cost in 2024?  

Curious about the cost of migrating to Australia from India in 2024? The fees for Australian Permanent Residency are as follows: 

  • Primary applicant: $4115 Australian dollars or 2,20,825 Indian rupees. 
  • Dependent above 18 years (spouse): $2055 Australian dollars or 110,298 Indian Rupees. 

What is the Australia IELTS band requirement for PR? 

The IELTS band requirement for Permanent Residency in Australia for international students varies primarily based at the visa subclass and individual situations. Generally, a higher IELTS score can contribute on your factors inside the skilled migration system. 

 For example, within the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) or Skilled Nominated visa (subclass one hundred ninety) categories, an equipped English talent stage (IELTS band 6) is the minimum requirement.  

However, reaching a higher band score, together with 7 or 8, can enhance your average points and increase your probabilities of obtaining PR. It’s beneficial to test the specific requirements for the visa subclass you’re applying for. 

What conditions must be met for PR in Australia? 

The eligibility criteria for Australian Permanent Residency (PR) include being a lawful resident in Australia for four years, with at least 12 months spent as a permanent resident and no absences exceeding 12 months.

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