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SGPA to Percentage Convert

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  1. What is SGPA?
  2. Why Convert SGPA to Percentage?
  3. How to Calculate Percentage from SGPA?
  4. How to Convert SGPA into Percentage?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing how to convert SGPA to percentage is advantageous for aspirants studying abroad. As universities abroad require a uniform ground to compare diverse applications, they often ask international applicants to convert their scores to percentages. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to convert SGPA to percentages – this blog will help you.

What is SGPA?

SGPA stands for “Semester Grade Point Average” and measures your semester-wise grade point on a scale of 5 or 10. The SGPA valuation is mainly used in universities and colleges. For higher education and employment, your SGPA plays an important role in determining eligibility. 

What are the elements of SGPA? 

  • Semester: SGPA is calculated based on a student’s performance in a given semester. The average of the total SGPAs is called CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).
  • Grade points: Grade points demonstrate the student’s performance in each paper in every semester. 
  • Credit hours: Credit hours denote the amount of time the student is required to dedicate for each paper. 

Why Convert SGPA to Percentage?

  • Centralized admission process: Converting your SGPA to a percentage helps facilitate a centralized assessment of candidates who were assessed using different SGPA scales. 
  • Ease of tracking your performance: Converting your SGPA into percentages provides an easy way to track your academic progress. For example, if your bachelor’s and master’s education are evaluated on different SGPA scales, the percentage conversion helps to keep track of your performance. 
  • Scholarship application: Like in the case of admissions, converting your SGPA scores to percentages provides an opportunity for a common evaluation of different candidates. 

How to Calculate SGPA?

Here is the step-by-step guide to calculate your SGPA.

  • Note your grade point for each subject
  • Make a list of the grade points you received for each paper
  • Add your credit points
  • Multiply your credit points by your grade points
  • Add the total 
  • Divide the total of credit points × grade points by the sum of your credit points.

Confusing? Let’s take an example.

SubjectCredit PointGrade Point

Total of credit points – 3+2+3+2+3 = 13

Total of grade point × credit point – 27+16+24+14+27 = 108

SGPA = 108/13 = 8.3

How to Convert SGPA into Percentage?

There are different ways to calculate your percentage from SGPA. The method given below is popular and easy. Here is the SGPA to percentage converter: 

  • Multiply your SGPA with 10
  • Subtract 7.5 from the result

Example: If your SGPA is 7.8 on a scale of 10, the percentage will be (7.8×10) − 7.5 = 70.5% 



Converting your SGPA into percentages is easy once you follow the method suggested in this blog. Doing so will streamline your admission process, and you can track your academic performance easily. Simply use the SGPA converter to meet your needs, such as for admission abroad, scholarships, or job applications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate my percentage from SGPA? 

Multiply your SGPA by 10 and subtract 7.5 from the results. This is an easy method to calculate your percentage from SGPA. 

How do you calculate SGPA from a percentage?

Add 7.5 to your percentage score and divide it by 10 to calculate your SGPA from percentage. 

Is 7.5 a good SGPA? 

7.5 is a good SGPA, given the average score for admission abroad and professional purposes. However, the required SGPA for your purpose depends on the total number of applicants and the average SGPA.

How is SGPA different from CGPA? 

While the SGPA gives a student’s academic performance in a semester, the CGPA gives the academic performance of the whole course period. CGPA is more comprehensive, while SGPA demonstrates academic performance for a shorter period. 

What is 7.5 SGPA in percentage? 

If you convert 7.5 SGPA into a percentage, it will be 67.5%. This is considered good or average, depending on the total number of applicants and their average SGPA.

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