Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada for Higher Education

Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

Table of Contents:

  1. Advantages of taking the Duolingo English Test
  2. Duolingo English Test: Overview
  3. Is Duolingo recognized in Canada?
  4. List of Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada
  5. Duolingo Test Rules and Eligibility
  6. Requirements of the Duolingo English Test
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, Canada has become a prime destination for international students, offering a dynamic combination of high-quality education and rich multicultural experiences. 

For many students, the journey to studying in Canada starts with meeting language proficiency requirements. The Duolingo English Test has recently gained significant popularity in this context post-COVID. 

Let’s explore the increasing acceptance of Duolingo scores among Canadian universities, revealing a new pathway for aspiring students worldwide.

Advantages of taking the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test is broadly accepted by many universities and schools in Canada as a legitimate measure of English language skill. It gives a convenient and cost-effective alternative to different English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL

You can take the test online from the comfort of your home, and the results will be available within 48 hours. Many Canadian universities use Duolingo English Test scores for admission to most undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Duolingo English Test: Overview

ExamDuolingo English Test details 
Conducted byDuolingo
Conducted forEnglish Proficiency for Higher Studies
Duration45 minutes
ResultWithin 24-48 hours

Is Duolingo recognized in Canada?

Yes, you can use the Duolingo English Test to show your English skills to Canadian universities. 

It is a cheaper and more feasible alternative to TOEFL or IELTS. More than 100 universities in Canada acknowledge Duolingo scores, and the Canadian immigration department (IRCC) allows them. 

Nevertheless, checking if your chosen school accepts the Duolingo English Test before submitting an application is advisable.

List of Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

Most of the top universities accept Duolingo for international students, including: 

Name of UniversityScores required for International students
University of British ColumbiaOverall 125
Simon Fraser University130 overall, with a minimum of 120 in each section. 
University of OttawaOverall 120 
University of AlbertaOverall score of 120, with no subscore below 100.
University of TorontoOverall score of 120, with no subscore below 100.
University of Calgary110 with a minimum of 100. 
Queen’s University110
Ontario Tech University110

Duolingo Test Rules and Eligibility

Candidates should have the following items ready when appearing for the Duolingo English Test:

  • Passport or Driving License
  • Any government-issued ID proof
  • PC with a reliable internet connection, clear front camera, microphone, and speaker
  • Private space ensuring no interruptions.

Students must meet several requirements when taking the Duolingo English Test. The test includes a writing section and a video interview. Here are the essentials:

  • Photo ID: A government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, or any other government ID, is required.
  • Quiet Environment: A peaceful setting with adequate lighting is necessary.
  • Equipment: A computer with a strong internet connection, front-facing webcam, microphone, and speakers is required. Note that earphones are not permitted to prevent cheating.

Requirements of the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test assesses various language proficiencies, and specific requirements can vary by university and program. Generally, the test includes the following components:

  • Reading: Comprehending written passages and answering related questions.
  • Writing: Crafting coherent and grammatically accurate essays or responses.
  • Listening: Understanding spoken conversations and responding to questions about them.
  • Speaking: Recording spoken responses to given prompts.

Each section is evaluated independently, and universities typically set specific score thresholds for each skill. Before taking the test, it is recommended that you check the individual requirements of your intended university.

Key takeaway

  • Canada boasts a multitude of universities that accept the Duolingo English Test.
  • Duolingo’s online platform enables universities to easily manage exam scores, reducing students’ need to travel to exam centers or attend in person.
  • The Duolingo exam ensures proficiency in the language of instruction for enrolled courses among international students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duolingo Easier than IELTS?

The perception of difficulty is determined by your proficiency in English. Duolingo tests are usually shorter than IELTS tests.

How Long is the Duolingo Test Valid?

The DET certificate is, on average, valid for two years. Thus, the test results are valid for admissions two years after the test date.

What are some other top countries that accept Duolingo test scores?

These countries, besides Canada, accept Duolingo scores.

  • UK
  • USA
  • Australia
  • New Zealand 

What is the Minimum Duolingo Score for Canada?

The minimum score for the DET (Duolingo English Test) for admission to Canadian universities and colleges can differ based on the institution. Most schools usually require a minimum score of 115 on the DET. Nevertheless, some programs may have a lower minimum score requirement of around 90, especially for foundation courses or certificate and diploma programs.

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