LOR for MS in the USA

LOR for MS in the USA

Table of Contents

  1. What is a LOR?
  2. Why LOR for MS in the USA?
  3. How to write a LOR for MS in the USA?
  4. Format of a LOR
  5. Sample of a LOR for MS in the USA
  6. Frequently asked questions

An MS in the USA is a dream cherished by many students. They decide on their university and course, clear their entrance tests, get ready with the documents, and apply for admission. While many applications are successful, some students lag behind. Often, many applications are not considered despite the student having excellent academic scores. 

In the US, your scores alone can’t assure admission. For that, you need Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from your professor, guide, or employer who knows you well and whose opinion is valid for the MS course you are applying for in the USA.

What is a LOR? 

A Letter of Recommendation functions as a strong endorsement for your application to school, a job, or a scholarship. It is provided by someone familiar with your capabilities who can validate your academic or professional skills. This letter is generally directed to the decision-maker responsible for determining who is accepted into a program or hired for a position.

For your MS admission in the USA, your LORs can be a crucial deciding force. A pool of applicants will be competing with you; selection based on academic scores alone is not possible. With LORs, you have more chances to highlight your strong candidacy and worth over other applicants – the stronger your LORs are, the more likely you are to get admission amidst tough competition for seats. 

Why LOR for MS in the USA? 

To apply to US universities for MS courses, you need 2 – 3 Letters of Recommendation. As a LOR is a personal endorsement from someone familiar with you, it enhances your credibility.

Here’s why a LOR matters:

  • Insights into your character and abilities: It provides a glimpse into your character and abilities relevant to the course.
  • Validation of your qualifications: An LOR validates your qualifications, adding weight to your achievements, especially when it comes from a respected individual.
  • Highlight in a pool of applications: Amidst numerous applications, your LOR helps your application stand out.
  • Diverse perspectives: It offers diverse perspectives about you, showcasing different angles of your personality and letting authorities know you better.
  • Positive impact on your admission application: If all your LORs are positive and contribute to strengthening your profile, they become valuable assets in support of your admission application.

How to write a LOR for MS in the USA?

Submitting a winning LOR is your responsibility. Before you approach your professor, guide, or employer to draft the LOR, keep in mind the following: 

  • Choose the right person to recommend you
  • Read and understand the university-specific LOR guidelines
  • Be specific and give only the necessary information, although you may have more irrelevant experience with the person concerned
  • Make sure the LOR is thoroughly researched and caters to your admission needs
  • Maintain an active voice and positive tone, with minimal complex sentences
  • Limit the LOR to 1 – 2 pages

Share these points (except the first one) with the person writing the LOR for you. Once you get it, go through the document thoroughly – ensure it nails your admission.

Format of a LOR 

While drafting a LOR for MS in the USA, following the right format will help you greatly. Depending on the recommendation’s nature, it can be either a single or double page. Ensure the LOR conveys vital information – the student is an asset to the institution. 

Here’s the Letter of Recommendation format. Refer to the checklist for necessary inclusions:

  • Date of writing the LOR
  • University name & address
  • Greetings
  • Introduction of the recommender
  • Recommendation
  • Examples substantiating the recommendation statement
  • Conclusion
  • Contact information
  • Signature

Sample of a LOR for MS in the USA

Before arranging your LOR, we recommend you take a reference from a sample LOR for MS in the US. It will help you get a clear idea before submitting your copy. 

Are you looking for a LOR sample for MS in the USA? Here’s one, and you can alter the details to prepare your LOR for MS. 

Dr Erick David, Professor of Computer Studies at GGHH University44 Main Street, Anytown, Mumbai 12345, 555-666-7777  erickdav@fakegmail.com

December 14, 2023
Admissions CommitteeUniversity of DDDD567 First StreetAnywhere, Countryname, 9999
Dear Admissions Committee,
I am proud to recommend Harry Jone for admission to the MS in Computer Science program at the University of DDDD. 
Myself Erick David, am a professor of computer studies at GGHH University. It was great to be Harry’s teacher for a year while he was my student in two courses, in the third year of his study. Harry was bright, diligent, and academically enthusiastic.
While I was supervising, Harry proved to be inquisitive, enthusiastic, academically sound, and dedicated to studies. He possesses extraordinary leadership skills that are proven by organizing seminars in the department in which scholars from neighboring colleges used to participate. 
Harry possesses a natural taste for learning computer science. He holds certifications in Python, Data Analytics, Java Script, to name a few. 
With confidence, I recommend Harry for the University of DDDD. He is a hard-working student who will be an asset to the organization and the student community. 
For any concerns, contact me at 444-686-868 or erickdav@demomail.com.
Erick David
Professor of Computer Studies 

Arrange your LORs for MS in the USA diligently. It will help you secure your dream admission to a US university. Follow the specific guidelines and submit winning LORs when you apply for MS in the US. 

As you arrange LORs for your MS course, we like to be your support. Get guidance from expert counselors on how to craft perfect LORs for your course. You will also get guidance with university suggestions, SOP, education loan options, visa applications, and so on. Explore your tailored guidance at Nomad – check the link right now. 

Frequently asked questions

How many LORs are required for MS in the USA? 

Usually, you need 2 – 3 Letters of Recommendation to study MS in the USA.

Can I submit a 300-word LOR for MS in the USA? 

Yes, if it conveys the relevant information. The length of your LOR depends on the information you need to put in. 

What makes a LOR for MS in the US strong?

The LOR for MS in the USA must contain strong reasons, with relevant examples, why the student is being recommended. 

Can I submit a 2-page long LOR for MS in the USA?

Your LOR for MS in the USA can be 1 – 2 pages long, depending on your case. 

Is LOR necessary for MS?

Yes, it is. An LOR is a mandatory requirement for studying for an MS in the USA.

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