Inside the Innovative MBA Program at Cambridge Judge Business School

MBA Program at Cambridge Judge Business School

Table of Contents

  1. History
  2. Program Overview
  3. MBA programs at Cambridge Judge
  4. Cambridge Judge Business School MBA highlights
  5. Opting for the MBA program at Cambridge Judge Business School
  6. How to apply?
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the best of business education with Cambridge, offering an insider’s view into the unparalleled campus of Judge Business School. From the historic ambiance to cutting-edge learning, follow us as we explore the holistic and enriching experience that defines studying for an MBA at Cambridge. 


Nestled within the storied halls of Cambridge University, Judge Business School wasn’t born amidst dusty tomes but in the spirit of 21st-century innovation. Founded in 1995, it shattered traditional models, embracing a dynamic curriculum and a global perspective, becoming a breeding ground for future disruptors and changemakers. 

Judge’s legacy is interwoven with the memories of its alumni. From CEOs of Fortune 500 groups to social entrepreneurs converting the sector, its graduates leave an indelible mark on the global world.

Program Overview

Cambridge Judge Business School’s MBA program is an adventure into excellence, blending the academic legacy of the University of Cambridge with a modern, global outlook. Designed for aspiring leaders, the curriculum combines contemporary principle with arms-on studies. This program stands proud for its dedication to innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultivating various community of destiny business leaders. 

Top Courses: 

  • Finance 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Social Innovation 
  • Healthcare 

MBA programs at Cambridge Judge

  • Full-Time MBA: The conventional Full-Time MBA is an immersive, one-year application designed for people looking for comprehensive and in-depth business training. It affords a holistic understanding of business concepts and fosters management competencies.   
  • Executive MBA: The Executive MBA is customized for mid-to-senior degree experts with great learning experience. This component-time application allows running specialists to decorate their management abilities without interrupting their careers.   
  • Global Executive MBA: The Global Executive MBA is a global program designed for senior executives with a global mindset. It combines residential periods at diverse locations with online studying, presenting a truly global angle. 

Cambridge Judge Business School MBA highlights

Details  PG requirements  
Ranking  23 
GPA GPA of 3.7 or above 
Standardized Exam Scores GMAT – 680-690, GMAT Focus Edition – 625-635
GRE: verbal is 78%, quant is 71% 
Academic Requirements You must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience by the start of the programme with a class average is around 6 years of work experience.  A bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a high 2:1 on the UK scale) and have excelled academically   
Application Fees £165 
English Proficiency Requirements TOEFL iBT: 110
Additional requirements Resume/CV
Standardized Test Score
LOR: one reference needed from a supervisor; academic
references not accepted
Careers objectives statement and 3 shorter essays 

Opting for the MBA program at Cambridge Judge Business School

  • Obtain a prestigious Cambridge master’s degree, diagnosed globally for its excellence.  
  • Immerse yourself in a challenging curriculum designed to be flexible, permitting tailoring for your specific pastimes and career dreams.  
  • Collaborate with a numerous and experienced global cohort, fostering a rich and dynamic gaining knowledge of the environment.  
  • Acquire over four hundred hours of realistic learning through conducting real customer initiatives, offering hands-on application of theoretical information.  
  • Develop crucial leadership skills, together with agility, empathy, and collaboration, making you ready to guide effectively in these days’s dynamic commercial business landscape. 

How to apply to Judge’s MBA program?

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From gaining a world-class degree to engaging with a diverse cohort and acquiring practical experience, the study abroad journey at Cambridge shapes agile, empathetic, and collaborative leaders. The transformative impact extends beyond academic learning, preparing graduates to navigate the complexities of global business with confidence and innovative thinking. 

Choosing Cambridge Judge Business School for your MBA is an investment in a future marked by excellence, leadership, and unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average class size for the Cambridge MBA program?  

The common magnificence size for the Cambridge MBA program is around 250 college students.  

Can I receive a waiver fee college application at CJBS?  

Certainly, even as the application fee at CJBS is normally non-refundable, eligible applicants can be taken into consideration for a program price waiver primarily based on precise terms and conditions. 

Does the college offer any sort of scholarships for worldwide students?  

CJBS does offer scholarships and grants to global applicants. Candidates are suggested to use these opportunities earlier than the graduation of the MBA program to take advantage of them. 

If I secure a job somewhere to pay my fees, then can I work and study simultaneously? 

Yes, in many cases, international students are allowed to work and study simultaneously. However, the extent of work hours and specific regulations vary by country and educational institution. It’s crucial to check the visa regulations and policies of the host country and university to ensure compliance and to understand any limitations on work hours while pursuing your studies. 

Does the Cambridge MBA program offer career guide offerings?  

The Cambridge MBA application offers some career help offerings, consisting of career counseling, job search assistance, and alumni networking activities. 

What is the situation of work permits in the USA after completing this program? 

The work permit situation in the USA after completing this program varies. International students can typically apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), allowing them to work in their field of study for up to 12 months post-graduation. STEM graduates may be eligible for a 24-month extension. However, specific regulations and eligibility criteria apply, and it’s advisable to consult with immigration authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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