MIT Sloan One-Year MBA Program

Are you a professional in the middle stage of your career who plans to elevate your graph? The MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program is for you. Advance your professional journey with a degree from the globally reputed MIT Sloan School of Business. 

One year, a lifetime of impact – it precisely explains the one-year MBA program at MIT Sloan. Dive deep and learn more about the program in this blog.

Why a one-year MBA at MIT Sloan? 

A one-year MBA from an esteemed institution like MIT Sloan carries great professional significance, as you can see below: 

Enhance your leadership skills
Be with a global group of leaders and gain the practical skills you need for professional success. 
Broaden your business knowledge
Immerse yourself in the best-in-class business learning environment at MIT Sloan and gain advanced business knowledge. 
Stay current with industry trends
MIT Sloan’s proactive approach and advanced curriculum keep you updated with the changing trends.
Expand professional networks
Accomplished individuals from around 30+ countries collaborate in the classroom for learning, providing you with a unique opportunity to expand your professional network. 
Explore new career opportunities 
A one-year MBA from MIT Sloan is your ticket to better career opportunities with global acceptance. It eases your transition into higher-level roles within your current field or a different industry. 
Earn a valuable degree
Completing the one-year MBA program results in earning the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA degree. It boosts your professional prospects on a global scale. 

Overview of MIT Sloan one-year MBA program (Fellows MBA)

MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program is a 12-month transformative journey for aspiring minds at the middle stage of their career. Here, learners are encouraged to sharpen their skills with 

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Global perspectives

Every year, 100 – 109 learners from 30+ countries will collaborate to grow together to become global leaders. 

World Ranking1st in postgraduate programs (QS)4th in Business Schools (US News)
University TypePrivate
Application Fee250 USD
Tuition Fee144,000 USD
Application Deadline03 October 2024 (Round 1)25 January 2025 (Round 2)
GMAT/ GRE RequirementYes
IELTS/TOEFL RequirementNot mandatory
Work Experience Required10 – 14 years
Minimum GPA RequirementNot specified
Accompanying Family MembersAllowed
Average Salary for Graduates165,000 USD
Official WebsiteMIT Sloan Fellows MBA
MIT Sloan School of Management100 Main StreetCambridge, MA 02142617-253-1000

MIT Sloan Fellows MBA: Important facts & figures

  • Total Students: There are approximately 100 MIT fellows in a class
  • International Students: About 70% of the students are international citizens
  • Connecting with your fellow mates: The school organizes virtual events to connect with your batchmates
  • Transfer Credits: MIT Sloan does not accept transfer credits for a one-year MBA fellow program
  • Fellowships: International applicants are automatically considered for financial aid, according to their academic merit. 
MIT Sloan International student Percentage

Image Credit: Official website, MIT Sloan Fellows MBA

MIT Sloan School of Management: Highlights

See the table below to have a glimpse of your professional prospects after graduating an MBA from MIT Sloan: 

Alumni strength120,000 members across 90+ countries
MIT alumni-founded companies 30,200 companies, including PillPack, E*Trade, Akamai, Gartner, Genentech, HubSpot, InVivo Therapeutics, Teradyne, and Zipcar. 
Fortune 500 companies with local officesAmazon, Amgen, Biogen, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Pfizer, to name a few. 
Other companies located in the areaAkamai, Charles River Labs, Sanofi Genzyme, and Twitter, to name a few

Eligibility requirements 

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience can apply for the one-year MBA program at MIT Sloan, regardless of age, nationality, or gender. 

  • Academic transcripts: Upload all your academic transcripts, including degree certificates and other courses you have taken. The transcripts must be in English, and there is no need to convert the GPA. 
  • Entrance test scores: GMAT or GRE scores are crucial, but no minimum scores are recommended in these tests. MIT Sloan does not ask for English proficiency test results like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo.
  • Work experience: You must have a minimum work experience of 10 – 14 years. If you were not working, give a reasonable explanation for the gap years. 
  • Cover letter: Draft a cover letter showing your professional and personal achievements. MIT Sloan believes past records tell a lot about the right candidate. Demonstrate your strengths and passion in the cover letter.   
  • Recommendation letter: One professional letter of recommendation must be submitted via the official portal. No recommendation letter shall be sent through an email. 
  • Video: Applicants need to record a one-minute video of self-introduction. Speak directly to the camera and do not edit the footage. 
  • Interview: A one-on-one interview of around 30 minutes is conducted with an administrative member to know the applicants better. Interviewees must demonstrate their leadership, human relations, social behavior, and communication skills with personal examples.

Admission process

The admission committee looks over international admissions. Apply online with the relevant documents mentioned above, keeping in mind the following: 

  • Application is possible only once a year: There is no rolling admission. You can apply only once a year for the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program. 
  • Interview call: The admission committee reviews all applications and shortlists candidates for interview. Waitlisted candidates are automatically considered for admission in accordance with vacancy. 
  • Competition: Your application is not competing with all global applicants. The standards are set differently by the admissions committee, considering differences. 
  • Bringing your family: You can bring your spouse, family member, or significant other (SO) with you to MIT Sloan. 

How to apply?

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Cost of Study

One-year-long fellow MBA program at MIT Sloan will cost you 144,000 USD as a tuition fee. Plus, the living costs are estimated to be around 41,300 USD. The living costs are subject to personal spending habits and priorities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Round 1 or 2, which is better for MIT Sloan’s one-year MBA application? 

Round 1 is more recommended for MIT Sloan Fellows MBA applicants. Applicants have more chances of admission in round 1 compared to round 2. 

Does a gap in work affect MIT Sloan’s one-year MBA admission?

Typically, a work experience of 10 – 14 years is asked for candidates applying to a one-year MBA program at MIT Sloan. The absence of work years in between is not an issue if you provide valid reasons for the gap. 

Can I get financial assistance at MIT Sloan for a one-year MBA program?

You can get financial assistance at MIT Sloan. Merit-based fellowships are available for deserving candidates enrolled in the MIT Sloan MBA Fellows program. There is no need to apply separately for these awards, as the beneficiaries are automatically selected. 

Can I bring my family members to MIT Sloan for a one-year Fellows MBA? 

Yes. You can bring your spouse, family member, or significant other (SO) with you to MIT Sloan. 

Are there specific types of work experience for MIT Sloan’s one-year MBA? 

There is no demand for specific types of work experience or industries. MIT Sloan evaluates your work experience in your chosen field of work before applying for a one-year Sloan Fellows MBA program. 

Is work experience in a major organization a must for Sloan Fellows MBA? 

No. You can apply to the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program with relevant work experience at any organization.

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