Most Affordable Universities in Australia for International Students

Affordable Universities in Australia for studies

Table of Contents:

  1. List of Cheap Universities in Australia
  2. Cheap Public Universities in Australia
  3. Top Course to Pursue at Low-fee Universities in Australia
  4. Final Thoughts
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Australia is a popular destination for International students who wish to study abroad. Several Indians are also choosing Australia as a destination to pursue their career because of its vibrant culture, reputed universities, English-speaking atmosphere, and friendly student policies.

Students in Australia would find several low-tuition universities with quality education, making it affordable compared to the UK or the US. You can choose from various undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs. 

The cost of a degree program is also a significant factor: more high-value programs, like veterinary or medical degrees, are normally priced higher, while cheaper programs in arts and humanities fields tend to be less expensive, making them cheap colleges in Australia for international students. 

List of Cheap Universities in Australia for International Students:

Typically, the tuition fees in Australian universities can be around 20,000 – 60,000 USD. This amount is significantly lower at cheap universities in Australia for master’s or bachelor’s, which is why they are affordable for international students. 

Here is a handpicked list of the cheap universities in Australia for international students with the tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses:

  • The University of Sunshine Coast
  • Griffith University
  • Western Sydney University
  • University of Queensland
  • Federation University Australia
  • James Cook University

University of Sunshine Coast

Top CoursesTuition feeDuration
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business$25,0002 years
Master of Business Administration$28,0001.5 years
Master of Business by Research$29,6002 years

Griffith University

Top CoursesTuition feeDuration
Bachlors of Business$33,5003 years
Masters in Arch$38,5002 years
Doctor of Education$34,0003 years

Western Sydney University

Top CoursesTuition feeDuration
Bachelor of Communication $30,960 3 years
MBA$35,016 2 years
Doctor of Philosophy – Business$14,8512 years

University of Queensland

Top CoursesTuition feeDuration
Bachelor of Arts$41,1203 years
Masters in Business Analytics$22,4803 years part-time
MBA$48,1602 Years

Federation University Australia

Top CoursesTuition feeDuration
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)$31,9201 year
Graduate Diploma of Public Health$24,1501 year
Master of Applied Science$30,2401.5 years

James Cook University

Top CoursesTuition feeDuration
Bachelor of Business$32,9603 year
Master of Business Administration$34,9602 years
Doctor of Philosophy $32,9604 years

Cheap Public Universities in Australia:

Public universities in Australia offer top Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at affordable rates compared to private universities. Below is the list of cheap public universities in Australia with locations:  

University NameLocation
The University of SydneySydney
University of New South WalesSydney
Monash UniversityClayton, etc.
The University of MelbourneMelbourne
Australian National UniversityCanberra
The University of QueenslandSt Lucia, etc.
The University of AdelaideAdelaide

Top Courses to Pursue  at Low-fee Universities in Australia:

  • Master of Business [M.Bus]
  • Bachelor of Business [B.Bus]
  • Master of Business Administration [MBA]
  • Master of Arts [M.A] in Creative Arts
  • Doctor of Philosophy [M.Phil]
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Health

Final Thoughts:

Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for international students in recent years. Still, many cannot afford the high tuition fees and living expenses. However, make sure to be very careful about your financial planning. With this list of cheap universities in Australia, you can surely experience your dream study abroad sensibly.

Financial problems no longer need to hinder attaining your desired academic success. Do not miss the chance to discover the opportunities of studying in any of these cheap colleges in Australia.  Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are cheap universities in Australia providing quality education?

Indeed, there are many cheap universities in Australia that offer quality education and can be credited as reputable institutions for educational programs and services.

Is it possible to find scholarship options for international students in these universities?

Yes, many universities with low tuition costs offer scholarships for international students based on their achievements, financial position, or other factors.

Are international students allowed to work during their studies at affordable universities in Australia?

Indeed, international students can work up to 20 hours per calendar week during the academic semester and full-time during the semester break, thus easing living expenses.

Which are some of the cheap universities in Australia offering popular programs?

Some of the most sought-after program specialization areas are business, engineering, information technology, health sciences, arts, and education for study in Australia’s cheap universities.

How do I get admission into an affordable university in Australia?

You can apply directly to the university’s website or use the services of an education agent. It is advisable to read the particular entry requirements and dates of the selected university or any other university of interest.

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