NYU Stern’s MBA Program 2024

NYU Stern's MBA Program

Table of Contents

  1. History
  2. Overview of the MBA program
  3. Highlights
  4. MBA programs at NYU Stern School of Business
  5. Why choose an MBA at NYU Stern School of Business?
  6. How to apply to NYU Stern’s MBA program?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Aspire to experience Wall Street’s roar or Silicon Valley’s buzz? NYU Stern (New York University Stern School of Business), nestled in Manhattan’s colorful pulse, isn’t simply an MBA; it is a launchpad. This prestigious institution gives a completely unique blend of academic rigor, innovative applications, and unheard-of publicity to the business globally.  

Aspiring minds selecting NYU Stern embark on a path in which theoretical know-how converges with sensible utility, preparing them now not only for a diploma but for impactful management roles in the dynamic internationally.  


NYU Stern School of Business boasts a rich record dating to its established order in 1900. Originally founded because of the School of Commerce, Finance, and Accounting, it unexpectedly evolved to end up a trailblazer in business education.  

Over a long time, Stern has consistently tailored to the ever-changing business landscape, pioneering innovative applications and fostering a subculture of academic excellence. From its roots in downtown Manhattan to its cutting-edge repute as an international business location, NYU Stern’s records are a testimony to its dedication to shaping destiny business leaders.

NYU Stern School of Business MBA highlights

Details  PG requirements  
Ranking  10 
GPA GPA 3.5+   
Standardized Exam Scores GMAT
Academic Requirements Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university. 
Application Fees 100 USD 
English Proficiency Requirements Minimum TOEFLiBT score of 100.
IELTS: Minimum 7
iTEP: 4.5
Duolingo: Minimum 120
Additional requirements Transcripts
Financial statement
2 Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Overview of the MBA program:

 The MBA application at NYU Stern School of Business holds its roots in the institution’s inception because of the School of Commerce, Finance, and Accounting. From its early days, Stern tested a dedication to the new-age business world. Over the years, the MBA program has developed in response to dynamic industry demands, consistently incorporating innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

Top courses: 

  • Business Analytics. 
  • Digital Marketing. 
  • Entertainment, Media, and Technology. 
  • FinTech

MBA programs at NYU Stern School of Business

  • Full-time MBA: A two-year immersive program for early to mid-profession specialists, imparting complete business learning with a focal point on management and worldwide perspectives.  
  • Part-time MBA: Flexibility for operating professionals to pursue their MBA on an element-time foundation, letting them stable work, lifestyles, and training.  
  • Executive MBA: Tailored for skilled professionals seeking an advanced business education, imparting strategic insights and management capabilities. 
  • Andre Koo Tech MBA: A program that combines business and generation training, with a worldwide attitude, in collaboration with NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Why choose an MBA at NYU Stern School of Business?

  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from an outstanding faculty comprising great scholars and industry practitioners, bringing a wealth of actual-world insights into the classroom.  
  • NYC Advantage: Situated within the heart of New York City, college students gain unprecedented insights into the sector’s business and monetary hub, supplying networking and internship possibilities.  
  • Diverse Community: Join a colorful and varied network of college students, fostering enriching surroundings for collaboration, cultural trade, and varied perspectives.
  • Extensive Alumni Network: Access a robust alumni community that spans the globe, providing treasured connections, mentorship, and opportunities for expert growth.  
  • Specialized Programs: NYU Stern offers many specialized MBA programs, permitting you to tailor your schooling to align with your unique professional goals, whether in generation, finance, or different niche industries.  
  • Entrepreneurial Focus: If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, NYU Stern’s supportive ecosystem and resources can assist you switch your innovative thoughts into successful ventures.  
  • Commitment to Social Impact: NYU Stern emphasizes social responsibility, encouraging college students to consider the wider impact of business decisions and fostering a commitment to moral leadership.

How to apply to NYU Stern’s MBA program?

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Frequently asked questions

How diverse is the student frame at NYU Stern? 

NYU Stern boasts an especially numerous scholar network, bringing collectively individuals from diverse backgrounds, industries, and cultures, fostering a wealthy and inclusive getting-to-know environment. 

Can global students follow, and are there scholarships available? 

 International students are encouraged to apply, and NYU Stern offers want-based and advantage-based scholarships, assisting various and proficient scholar frames. 

What networking opportunities are available in New York City? 

Being inside the heart of NYC, NYU Stern offers extraordinary networking opportunities with top corporations, alumni, and industry occasions, improving the general MBA enjoyment. 

How does NYU Stern help professional development? 

NYU Stern’s Career Center presents extensive assets, coaching, and networking occasions to support college students in attaining their professional goals, including internships and submit-MBA placements. 

What units is NYU Stern aside from different other business colleges? 

NYU Stern distinguishes itself with its innovative curriculum, global popularity, and top region in New York City, providing precise advantages for professional increase. 

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