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  1. History
  2. Rochester Simon MBA highlights
  3. MBA Program Overview:
  4. Top-tier MBA programs
  5. What Sets It Apart
  6. How to apply?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an MBA that equips you with cutting-edge analytics, ignites your entrepreneurial spirit, and opens doors to a global impact? Simon is for you. Dive deep into personalized learning, forge lifelong connections, and emerge a leader ready to conquer the future of business.  

Ready to write your study abroad story? Simon’s waiting. 


Situated in Rochester, New York, USA, the University of Rochester, established in 1850, represents a storied legacy of instructional prowess and groundbreaking innovation. Recognized for its super strengths in fields that include optics, biomedical engineering, tech and analytics, economics, and music, the University of Rochester stands as a distinguished university at the leading edge of numerous academic disciplines. 

Rochester Simon MBA highlights

Details  PG requirements  
Ranking  27 
GPA 2.9 to 3.9 out of 4.0 (83-98%) 
Standardized Exam Scores GRE 153–168 Quant 148–163 Verbal: 80th percentile
GMAT: 600-700  
Academic Requirements Undergraduate degree from a registered institute 
Application Fees 70 USD 
English Proficiency Requirements IELTS: 7
TOEFL: 100
Duolingo: 120
Additional requirements Personal statement  
Diversity statement (500 words)  
3 Letters of recommendation 
Scanned academic transcripts  

MBA Program Overview:

The MBA program at the Simon Business School, University of Rochester, is a transformative adventure that propels aspiring business leaders into excellence.   

  • Renowned for its holistic curriculum, Simon’s program focuses on instilling analytical questioning and strategic selection-making abilities.
  • The school, a blend of carried-out academics and business professionals, brings actual global insights to the classroom, growing a dynamic and gaining knowledge of surroundings.
  • With a sturdy emphasis on entrepreneurship, the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship serves as a hub for innovation, offering resources and mentorship for students to expand and force their business thoughts.   
  • The MBA application at Rochester Simon is greater than an academic pursuit; it’s a gateway to a destiny of strategic leadership and impactful innovation. 

Top Courses: 

  • Business Analytics 
  • Arts 
  • Data Science 
  • Marketing

 Top-tier MBA programs

  • The Full-Time MBA program is immersive and transformative, imparting a comprehensive business education with a focal point on analytics and experiential learning.   
  • The Part-Time MBA program caters to working experts, letting them stability work and observe.  
  • Executive MBA program is designed for seasoned specialists searching for superior leadership abilities.  

Simon’s MBA programs constantly rank at the top in the city, combining educational excellence with realistic insights to put together graduates for success in the dynamic world of business. 

What Sets It Apart?

The STEM-Designated MBA: Unleash your quantitative edge. Simon’s renowned STEM-specific MBA choice opens doorways to interesting professional opportunities in industries like tech and finance. It’s a game-changer for facts-pushed minds.  

The Simon Accelerator: Foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Incubate your business thoughts, gain precious mentorship, and steady investment through the renowned Simon Accelerator, empowering you to turn your dream into reality.  

Holistic Curriculum: Simon’s MBA curriculum is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive knowledge of business dynamics. Emphasizing analytical wondering and strategic selection-making, the program guarantees graduates are nicely geared up to navigate the complexities of the business internationally.  

Career Development: The Career Management Center at Simon is going past conventional professional services. Offering personalized coaching, networking activities, and access to a strong alumni community, the center empowers students to define and acquire their professional goals. 

How to apply to Simon’s MBA program?

Applying to Simon’s MBA program is a strategic circulate toward a transformative academic revel. Nomad Credit, with its zero-cost offerings, acts as a guiding companion throughout the application process. From expert help in program submission to customer guidance in economic planning, Nomad Credit guarantees an unbroken adventure closer to a Simon MBA. 

Nomad Credit Highlights: 

  • Experts at Nomad Credit evaluate your profile for personalized guidance 
  • Your profile is checked for eligibility requirements 
  • Upload your documents on Nomad’s portal  
  • The counselor tracks and informs about your application’s approval status 
  • Simultaneously, you will be guided to explore education loan options to meet your financial needs 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What networking opportunities are available for MBA college students at Simon Business School? 

 The faculty affords various networking occasions, career galas, and alumni connections to decorate networking opportunities for MBA college students 

Can students from non-commercial business backgrounds follow the MBA program at Simon?  

Yes, Simon Business School welcomes programs from college students with numerous academic backgrounds, and the MBA program is designed to accommodate varying experiences.  

Are there part-time MBA programs to be had at Simon Business School?  

Yes, Simon Business School gives a component-time MBA program designed for working specialists seeking flexibility in their research.  

Can international college students observe for internships?  

Certainly. The University of Rochester extends scholarships to international students, encompassing each advantage-based totally and need-primarily based options. These scholarships range from 2,000 USD to a complete tuition charge waiver, providing financial help to eligible students. 

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