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Table of Contents-

  1. What is an SX-1 visa for Canada?  
  2. Eligibility for SX-1 visa 
  3. What are the benefits of an SX-1 visa to Canada?  
  4. What is the SX-1 visa acceptance rate? 
  5. How to apply for SX-1 visa?  
  6. Documents required for SX-1 visa 
  7. Conclusion 
  8. Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you looking for short-term business study opportunities in Canada? SX-1 visa caters to your wish. It allows your enrollment for business courses in Canadian universities offered for a limited period. Many international students make use of the SX-1 visa route and fulfill their dreams in Canada.  

If you are wondering about the potential of an SX-1 visa in your career goals, read on and learn more from this blog.  

What is an SX-1 visa for Canada?

In 2013, the Canadian government introduced the SX-1 visa (also known as the start-up visa program) to attract progressive business minds to the country. The visa allows international citizens to pursue short-term courses for up to a maximum of six months.  

For international students, this is a special opportunity for short-term study. However, it is crucial to note that the duration of the SX-1 visa is 6 months, and no work permit is granted after that period. Note that it is not to be confused with a student visa, and most of these SX-1 visa courses will not result in a diploma or a degree. 

Eligibility for SX-1 visa  

  • Get acceptance to a university in Canada: You must be accepted to a short-term program to apply for SX-1 visa. You will be granted a visa only after the Canadian government authorizes your application.  
  • Submit proof of finance: The Canadian government ensures you have sufficient funds to bear the cost of study and living before granting an SX-1 visa. You must submit proof of funds, which can be an FD certificate or an education loan grant. 
  • Upload health and medical insurance documents: You need to submit your health checkup report and medical insurance proof. It ensures your health emergencies will be covered while in Canada.   
  • Show strong ties to your home country: Draft a letter of intent or an essay showing your strong ties to your home country. You can emphasize family ties, employment connections, property ownership, community involvement, future goals, and legal and social connections to prove your return plans after studying in Canada.  

What are the benefits of an SX-1 visa to Canada?

SX-1 visa for Canada is advantageous for international students who wish for a limited-time stay in Canada and pursue a business course. The following are the top advantages of getting an SX-1 visa to Canada: 

  • Study in Canada for a short period: Since the SX-1 visa allows you to stay in Canada for a short period, it will help you fulfill your dream of studying there. You will get access to quality education that enhances your success.   
  • Improve your career opportunities: A short-term business course is highly useful for enhancing your career options. By the time you complete the course, you will learn critical skills, meet a variety of like-minded people, and receive key takeaways to progress in your career journey.  
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities: The SX-1 visa intends to attract entrepreneurs to Canada. If you plan to start a business in Canada, an SX-1 visa will support your goals.   

What is the SX-1 visa acceptance rate?

As of recent reports, the acceptance rate for SX-1 visa applications stands around 60% – 70%, which is advantageous for aspiring candidates.

How to apply for SX-1 visa?

  • Get an offer letter from a Canadian university: Make sure your program of study is eligible for SX-1 visa. You may confirm it with your university or visa authorities before applying for SX-1 visa. 
  • Get your provincial attestation letter (PAL): From January 22, 2024, international students must obtain a provincial attestation letter (PAL) from the province or territory they intend to study in. 
  • Submit necessary documents required for SX-1 visa: Documentation is important to apply for SX-1 visa. Go through the checklist of documents and upload them in the right format.  
  • Complete the application form & pay the application fee: Refer to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and complete the SX-1 visa application form. Pay the fee online and complete the process.  
  • Go ahead with the biometrics test: Once your SX-1 visa application is processed, book your biometric appointment at a nearby Visa Application Center (VAC). You need to submit your fingerprint and passport photo there.  
  • Attend the visa interview: Once you get the biometrics, book your visa interview and attend it. Make sure to carry the required documents for the interview.  
  • Wait for visa approval: If your application is approved, you will receive the SX-1 visa. If the embassy has not responded to you for a long time, contact them via email.  

Documents required for SX-1 visa 

A valid passport Offer letter/ Proof of acceptance 
Financial documents Health insurance certificate 
Police clearance certificate Recent photographs 


The SX-1 visa is a one-time opportunity for eligible international students to study business courses in Canada for a short period. If you aspire to learn business courses to enhance your entrepreneurship activities, consider taking advantage of the SX-1 visa opportunity. It will help you enhance your understanding via classroom learning and interaction with like-minded individuals.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Canada visa S1 category? 

The S-1 visa helps students with optional internships included in their study permit. Note that it does not grant immediate permission to work in Canada as a student. 

Is an SX-1 visa extension possible?  

An SX-1 visa extension is not allowed in typical cases. However, you can study for up to 6 months in Canada with an SX-1 visa.   

Is there any age restriction for SX-1 visa? 

There is no age restriction for SX-1 visa for Canada.  

Can I work in Canada with an SX-1 visa?  

No. SX-1 visa is for short-term study in Canada and does not allow holders for post-study work.  

What is the difference between S-1 and V-1 visa in Canada?  

S-1 category visa allows international students to study in Canada, while V-1 category is for visitors.  

Will my SX-1 visa application be rejected?  

SX-1 applications are rejected when they don’t satisfy the eligibility requirements and documentation guidelines. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and submit documents properly.  

Is it mandatory to have a related degree or diploma course for an SX-1 visa?  

Anyone interested in entrepreneurship can apply for an SX-1 visa in Canada. It is not mandatory that the applicant must be from a science or business background.  

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