WES Canada: A Handy Guide for Study Aspirants

WES Canada

Table of Contents

  1. What is WES Canada?
  2. Why WES Canada is important?
  3. What are the different WES evaluation Reports?
  4. What does a WES Canada evaluation report contain?
  5. How to apply for WES evaluation in Canada?
  6. Is WES necessary for a Canada PR?
  7. WES Canada cost and process time
  8. WES Equivalency Tool
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

The education system followed in Canada is different from that of India. When international students apply for admission to Canadian universities, this difference in education systems often poses a problem. The need for a common assessment ground gave rise to the importance of WES evaluation that provides equivalents of your credentials in Canadian academic terms.  

What is WES Canada?

World Education Services (WES) is a non-profit social enterprise that supports the educational, economic, and social inclusion of immigrants, refugees, and international students in North American countries, mainly the US and Canada. Primarily the WES evaluation is used to convert your academic credentials into the grading system followed in the US or Canada.  

WES Canada has been in action for the last 50 years, setting the standard for international academic credential evaluation, and helping millions to achieve their academic and professional goals in Canada. Thanks to the trust, WES evaluated credentials are highly accepted in Canada.  

When do you need to apply for a WES Canada evaluation?

As mentioned, WES evaluation is required for admission into universities in the US and Canada. You need to apply at least 10 – 15 days (about 2 weeks) before you start your application process to avoid unexpected delays. For personalized support in when and how to apply, connect with Nomad Credit’s counselors and enjoy comprehensive guidance at zero cost.

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Why WES Canada is important?

WES evaluation enjoys prominence in Canada for the following reasons:  

  • Academic Credential Evaluation: WES Canada plays a crucial role in evaluating and validating international academic credentials. This service is essential for immigrants, refugees, and international students who wish to pursue education or employment opportunities in Canada. 
  • Supporting Integration: By providing accurate assessments of foreign credentials, WES helps individuals navigate the Canadian system effectively, enhancing their chances of academic and career success. 
  • Standardization of Evaluation: WES Canada sets a standardized benchmark for evaluating international educational qualifications. WES ensures individuals from diverse academic backgrounds receive equitable assessments, promoting fairness and transparency. 
  • Immigration and Permanent Residency: WES evaluations are often required as part of the immigration and permanent residency application processes in Canada. Having an accredited evaluation from WES can positively impact one’s immigration status and increase their eligibility for various immigration programs. 

What are the different WES evaluation Reports?

WES Canada evaluation is done for fresh academic applications, academic transfer, and skilled visa requirements. According to the purpose, the WES evaluation is categorized into three as follows:  

WES Evaluation Type Details 
Document-by-Document WES Document-by-Document evaluation is primarily conducted for freshman university admissions, employment considerations, and immigration requirements in the US and Canada. It is the process of finding equivalent documents for the US and Canadian systems. 
Course-by-Course The WES course-by-course evaluation is mainly for transfer admissions. It includes a comprehensive breakdown of relevant courses, their corresponding grades, and a GPA calculation presented in both US and Canadian terms. 
CPA Evaluation WES CPA evaluation examines the business and accounting courses required for the Certified Public Accountant exams in both the United States and Canada. Indian students are eligible to take the exam, provided they possess a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a minimum equivalent score of 90% in the United States. 

What does a WES Canada evaluation report contain?

A document-by-document WES report is typically required for your admission purposes in Canada. It contains  

  • Credential title 
  • Applicant details & date 
  • Entry requirements 
  • Program length 
  • Canadian equivalent terms
WES Canada evaluation report
Sample image: WES Document-by-Document Report

How to apply for WES evaluation in Canada?

WES evaluation Canada application process consists of mainly two stages:  

  • Submit your WES application and get a WES reference number: Apply for a WES evaluation online and get your WES reference number. This number is crucial for further processes.  
  • Send your documents: Once you get the WES reference number, send the required documents for evaluation. Remember, you must include the WES number in the documents.  

The WES will verify your credentials and get back to you. Get tailored support to apply for WES Canada online from Nomad Credit’s counselor and unlock comprehensive guidance for a successful study abroad voyage at ZERO COST. Navigate the intricacies with Nomad Credit’s personalized support.

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Is WES necessary for a Canada PR?

Express entry immigrants in Canada require WES evaluation report for PR applications. If you wish to enter in Canada as a skilled worker and settle in, you need to apply for an Express entry visa. WES evaluation is mandatory in this case for a PR.  

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WES Canada cost and process time

The cost of WES evaluation in Canada can be 160 – 225 USD without additional charges. Typically, it takes 7 days to process a WES application.  

WES Evaluation Type Application Charges 
Document-by Document Evaluation   160 – 225 USD 
Course-by-Course Evaluation 225 USD 

Additional costs 

  • Standard international courier charge – 81 USD 
  • Sealed envelope cost – 7 USD 
  • Duplicate reports (if required) – 33 USD 

There will be extra fees if you have more requests, such as adding a new credential or upgrading an already WES evaluated document. These are subject to change, depending on your course level, subject, and personal requests.  

WES Equivalency Tool

The WES equivalency tool refers to an online platform or service provided by WES that allows individuals to estimate the equivalency of their credentials before formally applying for an evaluation. This tool may help you know how your academic qualifications are compared to the educational standards in Canada. 

In short, a WES Canada evaluation report translates your credentials, verifies that your credentials are authentic, and includes a grade point average (GPA) equivalency for admission purposes. WES evaluation proves authenticity of your documents and helps you study in Canada.  

As it is an important step in your study abroad journey, seeking help from an expert counselor at Nomad Credit will be helpful to you. You will get guidance on the admission process, university options, education loan application, and student visa. Reach out now and kickstart your study abroad adventure with Nomad Credit, your trusted study abroad partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is WES Canada valid for?  

The WES evaluation is valid for 5 years and is accepted in the US and Canada.  

What documents are required for WES evaluation?  

The transcripts of higher degrees you need to evaluate are required for WES evaluation. It is typically your degree certificate, semester-wise mark sheet or both. 

Does WES refund money if canceled? 

No. According to WES’s refund policy, they do not refund the application fee. Make sure you don’t cancel the application to save your money.  

How can I pay WES Canada fee from India?  

You can pay the WES Canada fee from India online, via credit card, debit card (in most cases, but please verify with your bank), or a wire transfer using Convera (formerly Western Union). 

Can I get WES Canada evaluation done online? 

If your university of previous education has been partnered with the WES, you can send your documents digitally and complete the process. Otherwise, you need to send the documents postal, which requires more time. Check whether your university of previous study has partnership with WES or not.  

Can I add additional documents for evaluation after submitting my initial application? 

Yes. However, there will be an additional charge for each document.  

What guidelines do I need to follow for sending physical documents to WES? 

You need to put the WES number on the document and send your documents to WES center via your university, if your university has been partnered with the WES. If not, you can send them through postal service. 

Why is WES evaluation needed in Canada?  

WES evaluation in Canada serves for two purposes: to get university admission or to secure a job. The same applies for the US as well.  

How much is the WES evaluation fee if I reapply after 5 years? 

The WES evaluation fee remains the same when you apply after 5 years, which is 160 – 225 USD. 

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