What are the Conditions for Getting an International Student Loan?

What are the Conditions for Getting an International Student Loan?

Understanding international student loans can be difficult because there are many different aspects to understand. One of which are the conditions that need to be met to get a loan. One of the simplest ways to explaining the conditions to getting an international student loan is by comparing it to getting into and applying to a school or program. Each school and program may have different admission requirements, such as test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation. Each school and program, as a result, have varying conditions that need to be met in order to receive admission. Some schools require higher test scores than others, for example. International student loans can be similar. Each lender and specific loan may have different conditions that need to be met.


What are Some Examples of Conditions?

There are many different conditions that may exist when it comes to international student loans. However, please keep in mind that each lender is different, and so is each loan option. Therefore, loan conditions may vary lender-by-lender and loan-by-loan, so please keep in mind that the following is not an exhaustive list of conditions that may need to be met for  your potential international student loan. They are provided as examples to help you gain a better understanding of what you might come across.


One common example of a condition to getting an international student loan is that you must have a cosigner. Having a cosigner may be a common condition because it lessens the risk for the lender knowing that someone is legally bound to pay your loan in case you cannot repay it. Furthermore, some lenders may even condition this further into where the cosigner is from. For example, some lenders may require that the cosigner is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in the United States. Again, it depends on the lender and it depends on the loan.


Another example of a condition that you may run into is that a lender may require that you have received admission into a school or program. Some lenders may require this proof even before the approval process of your international student loan begins. This may be a very common example, and usually once this condition has been met, the loan process can move forward and the disbursement process can begin. However, again, it all depends on the lender and the loan.


Some lenders and loans may only support certain schools or programs as those schools – thus you would need to attend that school and/or program to be eligible for that particular lender. Therefore, a condition for a potential international student loan may even be the actual school that you plan on attending.


Another condition that may have to be met is your test scores. Depending on what type of program you are trying to enter, this can go from a GRE or GMAT score all the way to an LSAT score. A lender may potentially want to see your test scores to measure how you will succeed in a program, or for other variables that may relate to your loan.


Provided below is a chart that shows the above mentioned loan conditions that you may run into. They are listed, from top to bottom of conditions that you may be least likely to face to most likely to face.



How Will I Know if My International Student Loan has Conditions?

Unfortunately, there is no uniform set of conditions that relate to international student loans. Each one is different, and each lender is different. Some lenders may only support a certain list of schools, while others don’t. That is why we strongly suggest doing your research before applying for an international student loan to see what lender and/or loan will best fit you and your needs and if it has conditions, they are ones that you know you can satisfy. For a basic understanding of international student loans, please follow this link.


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