How an International Student Should Choose the Best University?

Nate from Nomad Credit explains how to go about picking the best program as an international student.

He suggests that the best program for you is one that fits you the best.

  • Once you know what you would like to study and what you hope to get out of attending a university in the United States, start looking at some university rankings to get an idea of how good a school may be.
  • Then compare your credentials to what a school generally requires so that you can narrow down your choice to schools you have a chance of getting into.
  • Once you’ve done that, reach out to the schools admissions and the specific program department that you are interested in to get more information about the program to see if it fits your criteria.
  • At this point you can also begin reaching out to alumni of a certain school to see what their experiences were.

Ultimately the best school is the school that is the best fit for your goals and aspirations. It takes research to and correspondence with a school and their alumni to fully vet a school to see if they are a good fit.

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