One-year MBA in USA

One Year MBA in USA

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding one-year MBA programs in the USA
  2. Why a one-year MBA in the USA?
  3. Top schools
  4. Top specializations
  5. Eligibility requirements
  6. Application process
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Joining for a one-year MBA in the US is a time-saving career boost many opt for in the fast-paced world. Doing so will enhance the career growth of experienced professionals, letting them learn and collaborate with like-minded individuals around the globe. These programs are renowned for making global leaders by blending classroom and industry exposure effectively.

Understanding one-year MBA programs in the USA

A one-year MBA program in the US is designed for experienced professionals. It is based on an accelerated curriculum that provides comprehensive business education within a short timeframe. Usually, a one-year MBA certificate is equally valid as a full-time, 2-year MBA degree in the US. 

Every year, many international learners enroll in one-year MBA courses in the US to boost their professional prospects. The reason behind the pursuit varies with people, such as starting a new career, gaining in-depth industry knowledge, or expanding a business network.

Why a one-year MBA in the USA?

Add an academic feather to your cap
Having an MBA degree from a US institution boosts your professional adventures. In many cases, the one-year course degree is considered equal to a full-time, 2 years MBA program. 
Access global opportunities
How about a drastic increase in your salary within one year? After graduating from one-year MBA courses, learners from mid-tier organizations are often placed in top companies. Factors such as industry connections, in-depth learning, global exposure, and networking opportunities in the US academia contribute greatly to this positive career change. 
Step into a world-level exposure
Earning your MBA degree after years of work experience provides you with deserving global exposure, letting you brush up your skills for global standards. US academies are melting pots where leaders around the globe meet for a common goal. 
Be industry prepared 
One-year MBA programs are dedicated to catering to thoughtful innovators who improvise the world. You will gain in-person knowledge from leaders of your industry. Some of them will be your professors, and some others your batchmates. 
Learn from diversity
Some of your batchmates will be engineers, while others will be entrepreneurs, managers, or someone looking for a career change, and so on. Interacting with such a diverse group provides valuable insights necessary for leadership and professional success. 
Team up with global learners 
US universities host community-driven MBA classrooms extended beyond four walls into thoughtful clubs and activities. Business clubs, healthcare clubs, etc., are some of the spaces where your leadership and innovation skills are expected to grow with a team of experts. 
Be connected with experts
Many universities offer the facility to pick your professors and build relationships with them. Your effective connection with them will amplify your career prospects and provide you with a system of experts you can rely on for professional advice. 
Unlock real-world learning experience
Over the years, US universities have forged deep ties with dynamic companies and business leaders across the country and all around the world, creating unlimited opportunities. You can leverage them with your one-year MBA enrollment. 

One-year MBA programs in the USA: Top schools

US universities are home to globally performing business schools offering world-class courses. One-year MBA in the US costs around 100,000 – 200,000 USD on average for international students. Most of these universities do not ask for a minimum GPA and allow bringing your family member or a personally important person with you. 

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan is ranked among the top 5 business schools in the world, according to US News. The school offers a one-year MBA program for experienced professionals. 

World Ranking4th in Business Schools (US News)
University TypePrivate
Application Fee250 USD
Tuition Fee144,000 USD
GMAT/ GRE RequirementYes. No minimum scores are specified
English Proficiency  RequirementNot mandatory
Work Experience Required10 – 14 years
Minimum GPA RequirementNot specified
Accompanying Family MembersAllowed
Average Salary for Graduates165,000 USD
Official WebsiteMIT Sloan Fellows MBA
MIT Sloan School of Management
100 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Stanford University’s one-year MBA program is designed for creative global leaders with work experience and industry knowledge. Every year, a pool of applicants makes use of their opportunity and apply for admission. 

World Ranking06 in Best Business School (US News)
University TypePrivate
Application Fee275 USD
Tuition Fee80,000 USD 
GMAT/ GRE RequirementYes. No mandatory minimum scores
English Proficiency  RequirementYes. IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE
Work Experience Required8 – 12 years
Minimum GPA RequirementNot specified
Accompanying Family MembersAllowed
Average Salary for Graduates175,000 USD
Official WebsiteStanford One-year Executive MBA Program
+1 (650) 723-3341
655 Knight WayStanford, CA 94305

USC Marshall School of Business (IBEAR)

University of Southern California is a popular university with a global ranking of 15 (US News) that boasts a prestigious one-year MBA program. This program is also known as the International Education and Research (IBEAR) MBA and includes a 4-months consulting project in its curriculum. 

World Ranking15 in Best Business Schools
University TypePrivate
Application Fee275 USD
Tuition Fee198,484 USD 
GMAT/ GRE RequirementGMAT: 690-760
GRE Verbal: 157-168
GRE Quant: 154-170
Executive Assessment: 151-164
English Proficiency  RequirementTOEFL iBT: 100-105
IELTS: 7.0-7.5
PTE: Minimum 68 overall score
Work Experience Required8 years
Minimum GPA RequirementNot specified
Accompanying Family MembersAllowed
Average Salary for Graduates150, 314 USD
Official WebsiteUSC Marshall one-year MBA
USC Marshall School of Business
3670 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, California 90089

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Kellogg’s prestigious one-year MBA program is the most expedient route to earning a Kellogg MBA. Crafted to expand on your foundational business knowledge, it aims to guide you into the professional sphere equipped with fresh skills and insights, elevating your career to new heights.

World Ranking02 in Best Business Schools
University TypePrivate
Application Fee250 USD
Tuition Fee112,336 USD
GMAT/ GRE RequirementGMAT or GRE required. Minimum scores not specified
English Proficiency RequirementTOEFL/IELTS/MET (Michigan English Test) result is required
TOEFL paper-based – 600 or above
TOEFL computer-based – 250 or above
TOEFL internet-based – 100 or above
IELTS Academic – 7.0 bands or more
MET – 70 or above
Work Experience Required5 years
Minimum GPA RequirementNot specified
Accompanying Family MembersAllowed 
Average Salary for Graduates175,000 USD
Official WebsiteOne-Year MBA Program at Kellogg’s
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
2211 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208

Booth School of Business, the University of Chicago

One-year MBA at Booth School of Business is a flexible program for experienced professionals who aspire to business learning. The program helps learners explore opportunities globally with the help of a broad alumni network. 

World Ranking01 in Best Business Schools (US News)
University TypePrivate
Application Fee250 USD
Tuition Fee181,076 USD
GMAT/ GRE RequirementYes. No minimum scores specified
English Proficiency RequirementIELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo
Work Experience Required8 – 14
Minimum GPA RequirementNot specified
Accompanying Family MembersAllowed
Average Salary for Graduates175,000 USD
Official WebsiteOne-year MBA at Booth, Chicago
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
5807 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637 USA
Phone: 773.702.7743

Top specializations

One-year MBA programs in the USA come with specialization, and you can choose one according to your interests.
Top concentrations for a one-year MBA in the US include the following:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Managing Organizations
  • Management Science
  • Analytic Finance
  • Behavioral Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Econometrics and Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management
  • Healthcare
  • International Business

Eligibility requirements

Anyone with relevant work experience can apply for the executive one-year MBA programs in the US.
Check the table below for the common eligibility requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in any fieldProof of work experience of 5 – 14 years, depending on the institution’s demand
GMAT or GRE scores, as demanded by the institutionAcademic transcripts
English proficiency certificate – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/DuolingoLetters of Recommendation (1 – 3) from your employer or a professional
Resume/CVEssays or Statement of Purpose
InterviewApplication fee

Application process

Applying for one-year MBA programs in the US involves three stages: application, documentation, and fee payment. 

  • Application: Make your online application by visiting the official university website.
  • Documentation: Gather all required documents for application and apply on time. 
  • Fee payment: Pay the application fee and complete the process. Apply for a student visa once the application is complete. 

Well, the admission process is fraught with intricacies that can be confusing. Navigating the process and finding finances alone can be daunting, especially when you need to show a high amount as proof of money. 

Nomad Credit makes your admission journey smooth and hassle-free. Forget the fear of missing out on information and documents. Get zero-cost services from us, including personalized profile evaluation, university shortlisting, education loan guidance, SOP assistance, and student visa support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there one-year MBA programs in the USA without GMAT? 

Yes. Many universities offering one-year MBA programs do not mandate GMAT or GRE for admissions, as the applicants already have valuable work experience. 

What is the cost of a one-year MBA in the US? 

The cost of attendance for a one-year MBA in the US can vary from school to school. Typically, the tuition fee is around 100,000 – 200,000 USD. 

How to choose the right one-year MBA in the US? 

You may scrutinize your industry of work interest, personal skills, and alumni network to arrive at a proper course. For personalized support in finding your course, connect with Nomad Credit now and get suggestions at zero cost. 

How is a one-year MBA from the US advantageous? 

A one-year MBA from the US is your ticket to global opportunities within a short time. It provides you with professional opportunities and business skills, along with access to a worldwide alumni network. 

Can I work in the US after graduating with a one-year MBA? 

You can work in the US post-completion of your one-year MBA course if the program is eligible for an F-1 visa and job permit. It is better if you check with your university for confirmation. In general, US universities offer one-year MBA courses with a full-time certificate value. Many students find a high-paying job in the US after completing a one-year MBA. 

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