Tips for Applying to Popular U.S. Graduate Programs

Applying to graduate programs in USA or across the globe is a tedious process and many students get it wrong leading to application rejects. Here are a few tips to apply to most popular universities first time right:

Prepare religiously for GRE : Most of the graduate courses in USA would ask you to take the GRE, since GRE being the primary criteria for selection. While colleges would prefer to see students who have taken not more than 3 test and scores per admission season. Thus it is advisable to appear only when fully prepared and confident of a good score.

Appear for IELTS/TOEFL : Graduate programs also need English proficiency for a prospective international student. Unless you’re a native English speaker or earned an undergraduate degree from an American university, students will probably be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Know your Application Deadlines : Kindly ensure that you are aware of and prepare for all parts of the application process and when it is due for submission. Let’s not wait for everything and send everything well before timelines. For international students, one needs to consider the time that takes logistically to reach universities and vice a versa.

Find out transcript requirements: Students need to submit transcripts from each university attended in the past. Certain graduate courses would need you to submit transcription evaluation along with actual transcript. A transcript evaluation allows admissions officers to assess your undergraduate coursework and equate it to U.S. standards.

Perfect Your Statement of PurposeStatement of Purpose defines the reason why students want to pursue education and how they will contribute after completion. Write it with precision, don’t fake. This may reduce your chances of selection provided not written appropriately. Thus, write, write & write.

Prepare for Student Visa Interviews: Don’t be late while applying for a visa, you could miss the first few weeks of classes if not applied for a visa at the right time, or have to defer your intake to the next available. Your program will be able to help you with the paperwork. You will probably need to prove that you have the funds for at least one year of study in order to obtain your visa. Visa Consulate may ask basic questions which student needs to answer confidently.

Funds for tuition fee and living expenses: While some graduate programs give financial aid and grants to foreign students, most do not. Irrespective, student needs to arrange funds in the forms of scholarships, grants, student loan to cover tuition fees, living expenses, to and fro travel expenditure to mention a few.

Prepare for New Culture : Since colleges and graduate programs are popular across the globe, students from different continents would be enrolling and chances are you may get to learn many new things and exchange much. Brace yourself and take some basic lessons on dos and don’ts on new culture.

Hope you find the above information resourceful and it gives you a clear understanding while applying to graduation program at USA universities. In case of any further information related to admissions reach out to our global counsellors on