What do International Schools Look for?

Every year, countless international students study abroad in the United States to receive a higher education. Many international students, as a result, must face the complex, and oftentimes stressful, admissions process into United States institutions. Each school’s process has different requirements, and it may be difficult for international students to fully understand what exactly is needed to apply. This blog will explain what United States schools generally look for in international students, and hopefully it will help you get a better understanding of the United States admissions process!

How do US Schools View the Application?

With some exceptions, United States schools generally view the application/admission package as a whole. This means they do not solely look at test scores or grade point averages. They look at everything together, including essays, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. Also, United States college admissions committees strongly value diversity in every area – which includes, race, culture, and background. You should also accentuate any work or volunteer experience related to your program. It’s an important element of the application that can set you apart from the other applicants.

What are the Qualities that Admissions Committees Look for?

There are many qualities that United States admission committees look for in international students. One quality many admissions committees want to see is a high degree of passion for your chosen area of study. The best place to express the enthusiasm you have for your program is through the written elements of the application package, such as the essays and personal statements. United States universities want to know why you’re excited to study your program at their institution as it’s a good indication that you’ll be successful during your time there.

Another quality that United States institutions look for is a high degree of English proficiency, especially in writing. This can be shown through your essays and personal statements, but mainly, it is observed through your TOEFL and IELTS scores. Admissions committees look for a high level of English proficiency since almost all programs are offered in English, and as a result, all of the assignments, tests, and quizzes you will have as an international student in the United States will be in English.

One final quality that admissions committees look for is the ability to think and work independently, or on your own. This shows to the admissions committee that you have a high level of responsibility and accountability, but also that you have the potential to be a leader. It also demonstrates that you can make important decisions for yourself. These qualities are key, especially for international students, living abroad.

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