Benefits of Studying in New Zealand for International Students

Table of Content

  1. Benefits in New Zealand: An Overview
  2. Educational Excellence
  3. Top Universities
  4. Part-time Work Opportunities
  5. Quality of Life
  6. Job Opportunities
  7. Permanent Residency
  8. Affordability
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Studying in New Zealand is a transformative experience for international students. The country offers a unique opportunity to experience an excellent education system, and rich and diverse culture, and explore top career opportunities and picturesque sceneries. Let’s explore the compelling reasons for selecting New Zealand as your international study destination.

Benefits in New Zealand: An Overview

New Zealand is a unique choice where academic and professional opportunities unite for global students. The climate, culture, and geography are incredibly unique. The English-speaking country sets a role model for others with its special offerings in education, employment, research, and global network. 

Average Tuition Fee20,000 – 40,000 USD
Average Living Costs1,500 – 2,200 USD/month
Language RequirementsIELTS (6.0+), TOEFL (78+), PTE (53+), Duolingo (120+), Cambridge C1 Advanced (180+), and C2 Proficiency (200+) 
Post-study Work PermitUp to 3 years
Student Visa Fees375 NZD (228 USD) 
Top Companies for JobsIBM, Datacom Systems, Xero, Deloitte, EBOS Group Ltd., Fonterra, Spark New Zealand, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Top Job SectorsIT, Hospitality, Construction engineering, Structural engineering, Tourism, and Finance

Educational Excellence 

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) ensures international students are enrolled in registered institutions in the country. Universities in New Zealand consistently rank among the top in the world for their academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. The country has a robust education system with rigorous quality assurance mechanisms.

New Zealand offers a wide variety of study options across various disciplines, including arts, sciences, engineering, business, and technology. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs tailored to their interests and career goals.

Top Universities

New Zealand’s top universities are internationally recognized for academic excellence. They are ranked among the top global universities for exceptional academic quality and extensive research opportunities. 

University in New ZealandQS World University Rankings 2024 
The University of Auckland68 
University of Otago 206 
Massey University239 
Victoria University of Wellington241 
University of Waikato 250
University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha256 
Lincoln University362 
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)407

Part-time Work Opportunities

International students in New Zealand can work part-time during their studies and full-time during scheduled breaks. This allows students to gain valuable work experience, supplement their income, and develop professional skills while studying. The top part-time jobs in New Zealand include tutoring, on-campus jobs, assistantships, and sales.

Time allowed

20 hours a week

Average pay

20 NZD per hour (11 USD)


Have a study visa that allows for part-time work 

Agreement or independent contract work

Work on an agreement is allowed, not as independent contractors

Full-time work on scheduled holidays

Allowed only for students enrolled in a program with 120 or more credits

Top part-time jobs

  • Academic tutor
  • On-campus jobs – library assistant, assignment writer, on-campus consultant, etc. 
  • Retail sales assistant
  • Sales worker
  • Call center worker
  • Office clerk
  • Supermarket assistant

Quality of Life

International students experience a premium standard of living in New Zealand. The country boasts safety, stability, and a friendly atmosphere. In an annual study evaluating the level of peace in 163 independent territories, New Zealand has been positioned as the fourth safest nation worldwide. The country has a multicultural society that embraces diversity, making international students feel welcome and supported.

New Zealand is characterized by its natural landscapes for sports and adventure, especially for water activities. From pristine beaches to majestic mountains, students enjoy a unique experience while they study in New Zealand. 

Job Opportunities

Global professional opportunities unravel for students in New Zealand. Home to top international companies like IBM, Datacom Systems, Xero, Deloitte, EBOS Group Ltd., Fonterra, Spark New Zealand, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, New Zealand’s offerings can elevate the dreams of any student. The salary is also globally competitive. 

Job RoleSalary in New Zealand
Software Developer48,000 – 60,000 USD
Engineer40,000 – 60,000 USD
Nurse66,000 – 80,000 USD
Data Analyst42,000 – 60,000 USD
Business Analyst44,000 – 60,000 USD
Marketing Manager48,000 – 60,000 USD
Financial Analyst38,000 – 53,000 USD

Permanent Residency

New Zealand allows international citizens to immigrate and settle in the country. If your aim is to settle in New Zealand, you’ll be required to find employment after completing your education. This allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 3 years. After this timeframe, you can apply for a visa conversion to obtain permanent residency, which involves a fee of 240 NZD (approximately 146 USD).


Education in New Zealand is affordable and rewarding. In case you need assistance, apply for education loan options with Nomad Credit’s customized guidance and study in New Zealand without any financial concerns. The table below gives an average of the tuition fees for various levels of education in New Zealand: 

Level of StudyAverage Tuition Fee
Undergraduate20,000 – 40,000 USD
Postgraduate20,000 – 45,000 USD
Doctoral6,500 – 8,000 USD

Apart from the tuition fees, the cost of living is also affordable to many. The living costs change from city to city and person to person based on individual preferences. On average, you require 30,000 – 46,000 NZD per year to live in New Zealand as an international student. 

Category of expense Average Expense
Accommodation500 – 1,000 USD/ month
Transportation100 – 150 USD/ month
Health Insurance700 – 800 USD/ year
Food & Groceries 350 – 600 USD/ month
Books & Stationery 50 – 100 USD/ month

Study visa costs: To get a New Zealand study visa, the application fee is 375 NZD. International students must also show proof of 20,000 NZD as the annual cost of attendance, which may include the tuition fee. 

In short, New Zealand is the top choice for your global education adventures. Have a clear understanding of your course, university, and financing options before planning your New Zealand adventure. Connect with Nomad Credit to learn more about education in New Zealand and start your personalized academic journey at zero cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is studying in New Zealand good for Indians? 

Yes. An English-speaking country in Oceania, New Zealand is one of the top international study destinations for Indian students. The country houses an excellent education system and offers top job opportunities in diverse fields of study. 

Does the education system in New Zealand accommodate international students? 

The education system in New Zealand is designed for domestic and international students. It involves classroom learning, internships, group activities, and field visits. 

Is New Zealand affordable for Indian students? 

Education in New Zealand costs about 20,000 – 100,000 NZD (INR 10 – 50 Lakhs), depending on your course and university. With the help of an education loan or scholarship, Indian students who can’t afford the amount alone can study in New Zealand. The repayment starts after completing their studies. 

Is New Zealand friendly for international students? 

New Zealand is a safe and friendly country for international students. People from diverse parts of the world come and settle in the country. 

Why choose New Zealand to study in? 

One can choose New Zealand to be his/her study abroad destination for many reasons. Some of them include top-notch academic and career opportunities, climate, international safety, and the availability of scholarships and grants.

What are the scholarship options for international students in New Zealand? 

There are various scholarships for international students in New Zealand.

  • New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)
  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships
  • New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS)
  • SEG Scholarships are some of the scholarships available for international students in New Zealand.
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