GRE: Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a scholarship for the GRE in India?
  2. Types of GRE Scholarships
  3. How much GRE score is needed for a scholarship?
  4. GRE scholarship eligibility
  5. GRE Scholarships for Indian students
  6. GRE Scholarships for International Students
  7. How do I get a scholarship from the GRE?
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a good education is very important for growing personally and professionally. Many Indian students choose to study abroad. To make that happen, they often need to take tests like the GRE, which many universities require for graduate school. However, preparing for and taking these tests can be daunting. 

To assist students, numerous universities now provide GRE exam scholarships. In this blog, we’ll cover everything about these scholarships: who can apply, how to apply, and some tips to increase your chances of getting that financial help for your studies.

What is a scholarship for the GRE in India?

A scholarship dedicated to the GRE in India is a financial help open to only Indian students so that they can prepare for and actually take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). These scholarships would be offered by organizations or universities to help Indian students achieve their educational goals of higher education. It not only reduces the financial strains of GRE exam preparation and test registration fees but also opens the way for Indian students to study abroad.

Types of GRE Scholarships

The GRE scholarships have different forms in regard to their providers. These providers are mostly universities, government bodies, and other non-governmental organizations as well as private entities. 

University-sponsored GRE scholarships

Universities offer scholarships to incoming students, covering expenses like travel and tuition fees.
Non-government GRE scholarships

Private institutions and non-governmental organizations provide financial aid to support students pursuing higher education abroad.
Government Scholarships

Governmental organizations provide fixed amounts of financial assistance, with varying offerings in each country.

How much GRE score is needed for a scholarship in major countries: USA and Canada?

High GRE scores help admission committees assess your language skills and understanding of various subjects, such as basic math, algebra, geometry, and calculus. They also gauge your ability to think critically, evaluate, and solve problems. 

How much of a GRE score is required for a scholarship in the USA?

Based on various reports, obtaining a scholarship in the USA typically requires an overall GRE score of over 260. Specifically, scholarships often require scores of 164+ in verbal reasoning and 161+ in quantitative reasoning. However, whether your scholarship application is accepted ultimately depends on the scholarship provider.

How much of a GRE score is required for a scholarship in Canada?

Many universities provide scholarships to students with a GPA of 60-70% in their undergraduate studies and a strong GRE score. GRE scores exceeding 160 in both the quantitative and verbal sections can enhance one’s likelihood of obtaining various scholarship opportunities.

GRE scholarship eligibility:

While the specific requirements for GRE scholarships can vary depending on the provider, here are some common factors often taken into account:

  • Academic Achievement: Most scholarships require a good academic history, which usually starts with a minimum GPA. The student’s GRE score may have to be very good.
  • Financial Need: Certain scholarships are aimed at students in need of financial support, provided that an income profile is presented via statements of income.
  • Field of Study: The program of graduate study or discipline for which the scholarships are awarded may affect eligibility, as some scholarships are meant for a specific discipline.
  • Country of Study: Students may apply for Scholarships only to certain universities located in specific countries, USA for example.
  • Language Proficiency: Because the GRE is held in English, proficiency in the language could be a prerequisite.
  • Extracurricular Involvement: Some scholarships are concerned with the number of activities hours of community service.
  • Recommendation Letters: While powerful letters of recommendation can bolster an application, you should also collect other letters that showcase your multi-faceted abilities.
  • Essays or Statements of Purpose: Many scholarships demand essays that either explain educational and career goals or emphasize that goal as part of the decision-making process.

GRE Scholarships for Indian students: 

Name of Scholarships
Scholarship Details
Tuition fees and partial living expenses
Humanities, Economics, Health, Public Administration, Gender Studies, etc.
Arts and Humanities
A travel grant and special allowance
Postgraduate, Doctorate, Engineering
Tuition fees and cost of living
Masters Level
Partial tuition fees and monthly stipend fund
Bachelors, Masters, Post-doctoral Programs

GRE Scholarships for International students: 

Scholarship NameOffered byAward AmountDuration
Concordia College ScholarshipsConcordia College, USAup to $28,000/year4 Years
University of British Columbia Public Scholars AwardUniversity of British Columbia, Canada$11,635/year2 Years
New York University Wagner ScholarshipsNew York University, USA$25,000 – $45,000Variable
Dartmouth College ScholarshipsDartmouth College, USAVariableVariable
University of Manitoba Graduate FellowshipUniversity of Manitoba, Canada$10,850/year2 Years
Clarendon ScholarshipsUniversity of Oxford, UKCovers Full Tuition & Living ExpensesVariable
University of Sussex Chancellor’s International ScholarshipUniversity of Sussex, UKVariableVariable
University of Calgary International Entrance ScholarshipUniversity of Calgary, Canada$7,755/yearVariable
Clark University ScholarshipsClark University, USAup to $25,000/year4 Years
University of West London International Ambassador ScholarshipUniversity of West London, UK$6,000/yearVariable

How do I get a scholarship from the GRE?

  • Start Early: Start your research on GRE scholarships and make applications in advance to get acquainted with deadlines, which is an important step that increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • Stay Updated: Do not forget to check the scholarship websites from time to time, as requirements or application deadlines may change due to the updates. It is also advisable to continue checking for the additional documents needed for selection.
  • Know the Criteria: Comprehend the GRE scholarship scores, which would be over 300 and include 160+ verbal and quantitative reasoning scores and at least 5 analytical writing scores.
  • Prepare Documents: Make sure to have all the documents you need, including your transcripts, official scores, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, and financial statements, ready to submit.
  • Meet Deadlines: Don’t leave your applications until the last minute as you may miss the deadline or it may vary from university to university offering GRE scholarships.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to obtain a 100% scholarship via GRE?

Finding a full scholarship for graduate school with the help of the GRE might be challenging for the applicants. In most scenarios, the individuals who excel academically and score well on the General Records Exam are eligible for partial tuition fee waivers.

How can I get a scholarship with my GRE score?

Scholarships will be awarded mostly to students who obtain 60-70% or higher scores during their bachelor’s studies. To increase your probability of entering graduate school, try to obtain Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning scores of not less than 160 each.

What is the GRE score for the Fulbright scholarship?

Approximately 11% of accepted candidates achieve GRE scores ranging from 290 to 300. Meanwhile, 25% score between 300 and 310, 33% score between 310 and 320, and 31% score between 320 and 334.

Who is eligible for scholarships in Canada?

Applicants aiming to get scholarships in Canada should have a good GRE score, an acceptable academic record, participation in extracurricular activities, a study permit, and proof of enrolment at a reputable Canadian post-secondary educational university. 

Can I get a scholarship based on GMAT scores?

Many international universities and colleges consider GMAT scores for grants. Nevertheless, applicants must aim to get sufficient GMAT scores for the screening. However, material is offered with a target score of above 600 on the GMAT.

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