Nomad Credit Potential Loan Options for your Admissions Journey

Evaluating loan options is very important for many students in their journey to study abroad. That is why Nomad Credit is not only an expert at university admissions, but, also, a foremost expert on the various loan options potentially available to international students.

Unlike some traditional consultancies, we believe it’s imperative to start the loan option search process as soon as possible, even seeking pre-qualification for some loan options before applying to universities. This is because:

  • It can tell you what your actual budget might be, which will inform your profile evaluation, not wasting your time considering schools that are outside of your budget
  • It can help you plan out and assemble any funds that you may need to have available outside of loan options
  • It can help you determine final school choice, knowing the potential loan amount and potential ROI you may expect

As a U.S. based company, our marketplace for loan options lists those offered by U.S. and Indian banks and lenders to give a global assessment of various potential education loan options.

Experience now the potential advantages using Nomad Credit that many of our customers already know:

  • Nomad has helped countless students from India apply for loan options from our U.S. and India-based lending partners. Nomad is projecting to help our customers avail approx. $100M in education loans in 2021 (approximately 700 crore INR)
  • For USD loan options, our position as a U.S.-based company allows us to truly understand the education loan options in the U.S., helping you navigate through the complex USD loan option certification and disbursement process
  • For INR loan options, our substantial experience and networks within the Indian financial industry allow us to properly structure loan option applications and in some cases, work with underwriters to aid in the sanctioning process and rate negotiation
  • Use Nomad’s expertise to know when, where, and how to apply to the different potential available loan options; limiting your exposure to needless denials, frustration, unanswered queries and credit pulls for you and a potential cosigner
  • Seamlessly apply to many lenders with uploading documents via our site, saving you time from having to work with each lender individually

We recommend understanding the potential loan options as early as possible in the Admissions Journey and how they may help support your study abroad goals. We recommend to start the loan option search process by speaking with Ganesh Sharma, our U.S. Loan Option Manager.

Ganesh provides exceptional insights and information into the various global education loan options available to international students.

  • With Nomad, he supports all of our customers with US Dollar (USD) denominated loan options. In 2021, Ganesh will likely support our customers in availing +$25M in USD loan options
  • He has 9+ years of experience in the India education loan industry, working at various banks and lenders in Mumbai
  • Between Ganesh’s USD loan option experience and nearly decade working at Indian-based lenders, Ganesh has the unique skillset of having extensive knowledge about the various USD loan options, no cosigner loan options and INR loan options

In addition, if you are potentially eligible for INR loan options, Shreeram Parab, our INR Loan Option Manager, is a leading expert at education loan options offered by Indian banks and lenders. How he can help you:

  • Shreeram will process nearly $50M in loan applications in 2021 with India-based banks and lenders
  • Throughout his career, there have been many cases where Shreeram has played an active role in approval and rate negotiation processes
  • His knowledge of the potential loan options available is robust, which allows him to effectively help you understand the different loan options in India and their various potential benefits, features and processes
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