LLM in the UK for International Students

Table of Contents:

  1. What do LLM courses in the UK mean?
  2. Why study LLM at UK universities?
  3. Eligibility and Entrance Exam for LLM in the UK
  4. Top LLM Courses in the UK
  5. Cost of LLM in the UK
  6. Top Colleges/Universities
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Diving into an LLM in the UK for Indian students represents possibilities in criminal training. Renowned for its prestigious law colleges, the United Kingdom gives a specific and enriching setting for obtaining a law degree. Indian and international students are interested in pursuing an LLM in the UK due to the tremendous educational standards, the wide range of LLM specializations, and the capability for substantial professional improvements after graduation.

What do LLM courses in the UK mean?

LLM stands for Master of Legislative Laws, a degree that offers comprehensive knowledge in a specific field of law. The primary objective of obtaining an LLM degree is to become a proficient lawyer or solicitor in a particular legal domain. Additionally, it is a sought-after qualification for students aspiring to become professors in universities. 

Why study LLM at UK universities? 

  • The UK has over 75 universities in England and Wales offering diverse LLM programs, each featuring a range of intriguing courses. 
  • The top-rating universities offering master’s in law packages are located throughout the country, allowing you to choose an educational setting that suits your needs, whether it’s in a bustling metropolis or a small town. 
  • The distinct legal jurisdictions across the 4 countries of the United Kingdom add a fascinating dimension to legal studies, covering a vast spectrum of prison ideas.  
  • English is the medium of training for all courses, eliminating the need to acquire proficiency in an additional language. 
  • Pursuing law research in the UK gives you a chance for realistic teaching methods and opportunities to build connections within your discipline of study.  
  • The plethora of specializations available includes Gender Studies, European Law, International Law, Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice, Environmental Law, and Criminology providing a big range of alternatives to cater to your interests and career dreams.

Eligibility and Entrance Exam for LLM in the UK 

The Master of Laws (LLM) in the UK typically spans 1 year full-time, although there may be the choice to pursue it part-time, with the flexibility to extend it to a maximum of 3 years.  

International college students aiming for admission right into a Master of Laws (LLM) program within the UK are generally required to have achieved a first-class or an upper second-class undergraduate degree with honors in law.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in law with a 65-75% score.

English Language Proficiency

  • TOEFL: 110 minimum  
  • PTE: 58 
  • IELTS: 6.5 minimum  
  • C1 Advanced: 191 minimum  
  • C2 Proficiency: 191 minimum


Additional info 

  • Some universities may ask for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). 
  • Professional experience is not mandatory but having such experience can provide applicants with an additional advantage.

Top LLM Courses in the UK for International Students

The United Kingdom gives a big selection of LLM courses tailor-made to the diverse interests and career aspirations of international students. These courses’ purpose to supply comprehensive know-how and sensible talents throughout numerous law domains. Here are some popular LLM specializations within the UK: 

  • Corporate Law: Ideal for individuals venturing into the corporate sector, this specialization covers aspects which include mergers, acquisitions, company governance, and economic regulation. 
  • Human Rights Law: Tailored for those passionate about social justice, this course explores human rights advocacy, worldwide humanitarian regulation, and civil liberties. 
  • Intellectual Property Law: With the digital age, this specialization is gaining prominence, addressing factors like copyright, patents, logos, and related legal frameworks. 
  • International Law: Geared in the direction of those intending to work on a global scale, this course digs into global treaties, human rights, and cross-border legal issues. 
  • Environmental Law: Increasingly relevant in today’s context, this course specializes in environmental protection laws, sustainable development, and weather change rules. 

Each of these LLM courses not only deepens criminal know-how but additionally unlocks a myriad of professional opportunities post-LLM within the UK. Students also can discover various LLM scholarships in the UK to help their studies. 

Cost of LLM in the UK

The total fee associated with pursuing a Law degree within the UK is based on each of the university’s tuition and the lifestyle picks made by the student. Consequently, the expenses for LLM in the UK for Indian and international students can be categorized into 2 basic expenses: Tuition prices and the cost of living. 

Tuition Fees: 

LLM in the UK fees usually range from £19,500 to £44,000 in keeping with year. When converted to INR, the price of LLM within the UK for Indian students can be about INR 43 lakhs per year 

Cost of Living: 

The living expenses in the UK are influenced by your lifestyle and choices. An approximate monthly fee for students falls within the range of £1,215 (INR 114,577) to £1,715 (INR 161,728). This consists of various amenities which include housing, meals, tours, stationery, recreational activities, and more.

Top Colleges/Universities for Masters in Law (LLM) in the UK

  • University College London (UCL) – Faculty of Laws 
  • The Dickson Poon School of Law 
  • Edinburgh Law School 
  • University of Glasgow – School of Law 
  • University of Warwick 
  • Queen Mary University of London 


LLM’s journey within the UK can pave the way for a wealthy profession. With a large number of course options, you have the power to pick out a specialization that aligns with your aspirations, starting doors to moneymaking possibilities worldwide. 

 Take the time to study the facts provided above and make well-informed choices about your preferred specialization and university. In case you need any additional guidance with admission or loan options, feel free to seek advice from our Nomad Credit Experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is LLM in UK? 

The duration of an LLM (Master of Laws) program in the UK typically spans 1 year for full-time study. However, many universities also offer the option of pursuing the LLM on a part-time basis, which can extend the program’s duration up to 3 years. 

Is it viable to pursue an LLM inside the UK without taking the IELTS exam?  

Certainly, although IELTS is a commonly general English Language Proficiency check within the UK, it isn’t always obligatory for Indian students pursuing an LLM in the UK. Instead, you may select alternative exams to demonstrate your talent in English or present a certificate confirming that English served as the medium of education at your previous administrative centre or college. Some examples of universities offering LLM applications within the UK without requiring IELTS consist of:  

  • University of Bristol  
  •  University of Warwick  
  •  University of Bolton  
  •  University of Plymouth  
  • University of Portsmouth  

Is it possible to get employment after completing an LLM within the UK?  

Absolutely, pursuing an LLM in the UK can open doorways to various work possibilities. The demand for felony specialists is high in the UK. Some work roles include Arbitrator, Paralegal, Lawyer, Legal Executive, Barrister, and Solicitor.  

Can global college students pursue an LLM within the UK and engage in part-time employment?   

Yes, Indian students are indeed allowed to work part-time while enrolled in LLM studies in the UK. Generally, student visas grant the flexibility of up to 20 hours of work per week during term and part-time in holidays. 

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